Author signed books make great Mother’s Day gifts

If you want to know how to get author signed books to give as gifts, then go to and look for books that are being sold – not by Amazon – but by resellers. Many authors list their books privately so that they can do virtual book signings. Look at the listing for ‘new books’ and see if you can recognize the author’s name in the list. Click through and buy through’s reseller program. The author will be happy to sign and date the book.

Test that this year, use Angel On Board and choose to give it to your mother or grandmother for Mother’s Day. Guaranteed that they don’t already have it. They will treasure this collectable version of the book.

Try it and see.


Popularity begins at home… Books To Believe In opinion

party hatsAs an author, you are the first and most important person to taught the importance of your book to its readership. You need to visit the pages daily. You need to be the first one every day to tweet, post and pin about it everyday. Your readers of will follow suit, but you, as its creator, need to be the one leading the charge. Don’t be concerned that what you have to say is redundant, post something every day. Work to mix it up, but even if you repeat yourself, commit to a daily regimen of social media from your page!

Books to Believe In works exclusively with Kindle in the e-book platform – and this is one of the newest reasons why!

We don’t use Nook or e-reader or iBook, we work exclusively with Kindle store and the reason is that gives us so many incentives to do so that far outshadow any potential sales these other platforms have to offer.

Happy Penguin Awareness Day

Happy Penguin Awareness Day

Today, it has taken its toll on the founding member of the e-book community! Sony e-Reader store will close its doors. Read more at:

When you want a distinctive book that is found on searches and looks great when stacked up against its competition, then you need to talk to the folks at Books To Believe In.

Books to Believe In – rule for world events…

If the world is distracted, people don’t buy books!

And that’s understandable. When sales people evaluated trends and such and look at time of year, time of day, etc, that’s all well and good, but the factor of unexpected news or distracting world events, like the Olympics have to be added in to the mix.

The beginning of February was a very slow start for book sales, but just yesterday (one day after the Olympics ended), sales spiked again.

Just something to consider when you are planning your author-business.

Thought for the day…

Have a great one!

Get published with Books To Believe In

Books to Believe In advises “Don’t overlook forum’s”

Amazon forums are a great place to help any book with SEO.  Use you titles wisely.

For instance, this forum about “Books To Believe In’s” slogan is a way to get people to connect the two – Angel On Board and Books To Believe In.

There are a ton of tools on that authors need to take advantage of when marketing their books. Forums are just typically overlooked.

Check it out!

The Books To Believe In team just published a new book!


A new book written by the team at Books To Believe In to help Books To Believe In’s League of Extraordinary Authors gain more sales traction in the marketplace.

There are 3 kinds of book launches authors need to employ to launch their books to their eager and waiting audiences. They are easy to organize and execute. Best-seller status can be achieved right out of the gates.

If you’re a member of the League of Extraordinary Authors, please download the book. If you’re a published author that wants to listen in to what a publisher says to their authors, then enjoy the book as well.


A new year and a new era for Books To Believe In and EJ Thornton

Hi everyone,

Happy New Year.

Last year, I started out with a noble goal of posting something once a day about book marketing so that authors could learn. As with most resolutions, it didn’t last the whole year, but it did last into the 3rd month. So there are dozens of good tips for book authors.

We’re going to start this year doing something completely different though.

published by Books To Believe In book

The first thing I’d like to do is talk about a paranormal of UFO book that we’ll be working with the author to publish in the first quarter. It is a perk in his Indiegogo campaign.  

The good news is, he’s already sold dozens of books… yes, he’s coming out of the gates with a win already! Books To Believe In will help him produce them on time and profitably.

If you don’t know about Indiegogo and Kickstarter, maybe you should find out how this can help authors kick up their sales right away. Oh yeah, and if you like the subject of UFOs, please Tweet and Facebook share this UFO campaign.