Necessary Tools to Play Along

This post is a continuation of the last post as most all of these posts will be this year.

To accomplish the task that I’ve set ahead of me this year, I will need several things. If you want to do the same tasks for your book, then you’ll need the same several things.

  •  First, you need your book listed on Kindle. It would be preferable to have the paperback version of the book also listed on, but for the moment, we have not done that yet. The Kindle version of my book is found at: Please click through to this book to get familiar with it and if you are signed on to your account, please ‘like’ it.
  •  You need a Account. Our Twitter address is @AngelAuthors.  If you click through to look at this account, please ‘Friend it’.
  •  You need an active account that is able to leave reviews.
  •  You should get an account on You can use your Facebook to sign up with that service.
  •  You will need a account. Again, you can use your Facebook sign-on to get one of these accounts.
  •  You should get a blog – The simplest to use for me is
  •  You should have an AuthorCentral account. Sign on to with your normal sign-on and then type in the URL and sign up for it if you don’t already have it.
  •  Find a news organization’s website and create a sign-on with them, such that you can leave comments on news stories. For our purposes, I will use the Denver News Station:

RELAX:  You don’t need all of these at this moment. But throughout the year, you’ll be posting on all of these websites and social medias. We’ll approach this process one step at a time and you’ll just slide right on into the habit of working on your book every day!

Get a cheat sheet next to you with all your sign-ons and passwords and that will make this all very easy.


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