New Year’s Resolution for Authors… More book marketing

What will it get for authors to stick to this resolution?

All year, we’ve had our highs and lows.

The year started out amazingly strong for those of us who were among the first to take advantage of Amazon’s KDP Select program. December, January and February were stunning months – totally eclipsing the prior year’s sales in just a few weeks. Alas, enough people jumped onto that bandwagon, that those days are a distant memory, but going exclusive with and fully utilizing the KDP Select program is still the best game in town for any self-published author!

Amazon is working to give us good reasons to stay loyal – like adding several new countries and doubling the additive value of the KOLL program checkouts. So, it’s all still very good over there and getting better and better again – all the time.

What are we going to do to get this year’s book marketing work off to a good start?

Well, I have an idea…

I’m going to commit to blogging about what I am doing with one of my books once a day, and we are going to log the progress here. I’ll explain what I’m doing with social media – and I’ll include the links. I’ll explain where on the web I’m referencing my websites or and include the links. I’ll do my best to narrate the work that I do as an author for one of my books.

You can go to these same websites and you can emulate the activities for your own book. That is what I hope you will do.

Most authors ask me what to do as if I could hand them a road map with a list of things to do everyday, and even what to say. Well, I’ll be doing that here and hopefully you’ll follow along.

The book we’re going to be working with is by Angel On Board – Real Life Stories compiled by EJ Thornton & Capri Brock


This book is a spin off of Angel On Board by EJ Thornton, but we will work primarily with it.

If you haven’t signed up for the service to monitor your sales rank numbers, I suggest you do it now! – It is the easiest thing you can set up to help increase your book sales.

Off we go…  Happy New Year 2013!


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