Stand behind everything you sell

During these past couple of weeks, we’ve made some purchases for the office. And with multiple big purchases, if the products aren’t in good working order, we return them for ones that are. It is expected that someone who pays money for merchandise is entitled to be satisfied with their purchases.

We purchased a computer at a local computer store and that computer’s keypad was defective. The “i” and “e” characters wouldn’t type. Two missing vowels is a serious deficit for a writer (you can’t even type the word “writer” without them). So we took back the computer and were met with an angry customer service person who ultimately made us so mad back that we just returned the purchase and insisted on our money back.

It is okay to have a customer who has defective merchandise be a little irritated, but that can not be met in kind by the store people. That is just plain bad customer service. If you sell merchandise, it will be returned. If you can’t stand behind it – don’t sell it.

The same is true for books and authors. So many of my authors when they first release their book want to know what my policy is for placing books in stores. I tell them that I give the store a substantial discount for the resell and I offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee refund policy.

When the authors feel like that is too much pressure, I let them know that it is more of a positive selling point than a point of pain or stress. If I can take the risk out of a transaction, I make more transactions. If the books come back, so be it and I will refund, but they rarely come back.

I grew up with 100% satisfaction guarantees as the normal way of life for merchants in business and I continue that today with my publishing company and the books it sells. Authors, you need to be prepared to make this commitment to the world at large. You must understand that you won’t be ‘all things to all people’ and that some people will want to return your book because it isn’t for them. That’s okay, it wasn’t for them and that fact has more to do with them than the intrinsic value of your book. Just refund the money and keep looking forward to the next sale.

100% satisfaction guarantee – check out the books at


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