Most common mistake made by authors! Easiest to fix…

Our favorite and most easily corrected mistake is the misuse of the word “foreword.”

In a single second, anybody can tell if your book has been professionally edited. If you have misspelled FOREWORD by saying: “forward”, I can guarantee you that no one with any experience in publishing has looked at your book! I can guarantee you that it has not been professionally edited. Many times friends or family will do a proof read, but if they are not well-versed in the book publishing industry, this mistake frequently slips through. The “foreword” is about writing something before the content of the actual book itself.

It stands for “beFORE the WORD.”

If you can remember this, you’ll get it right – every time.

A second, very common mistake authors make, and it’s something seen quite often, is that the author will fix the word “foreword” on the chapter head itself, but forget to fix it in the table of contents. Authors ‘tell on themselves’ with this quite common slip-up. Be sure to double check this!

Profitable book publishing

One Benefit of Partner Publishing with Books To Believe In – We stop you from making amateur mistakes!

Nothing kills a book project faster or deflates the dreams of the author quicker than losing confidence in the book itself. If you get embarrassed easily, then please take the time and expense to get the book professionally edited. Your confidence is key to your success and nothing underminds that faster than someone showing you an easily-corrected mistake.


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