You’re in a marathon, not a sprint!

Every author I’ve ever met wanted to have instant success. 

As soon as their book was published, they expected  a waiting and eager public to be readily accessible to find and buy their book. They watch it happen over and over in the news –  – book released to hungry fans… However, unless you’ve done something to ‘prime the pump’ – your book is going to go into the proverbial slush pile of published books. Those books that are released and jump to the top of the best-seller list have had 18 months or more of a marketing department working exclusively for a great launch date. Chances are, your book wasn’t even conceived of 18 months before you published it.

There are 2.2 million books published on the average each year* (*Wikipedia) – and as soon as a book is listed on, it is in direct competition with the other 20+ million books on To get it to land at the top of Amazon’s search list, the book’s webpage on Amazon has to be actively developed.

New books begin with a blank slate. 

By default, the only text on the book’s page is its description and if you’ve done your homework, your bio from AuthorCentral. Most authors need to be shown all the ways that they can develop the page and how to get it ‘seen’ by’s search engines. There are at least 10 ways that authors can help to develop their own book’s webpages.

SEO is a great business and website owners spend hundreds of dollars getting SEO optimization for their websites. At the end of the day, is just a web page, and there are multiple ways to affect the SEO of your book’s page.

I wrote the book Self-Publisher’s Tool Box to teach authors how to beef up their book’s presence.

While prepping for this year’s book marketing program, be sure that the page you bring your potential customers to will convert to sales.

Work to get at least five reviews and follow some of the other advice in the book and you’ll see your sales page convert more and more as the year progresses.

This is a marathon, not a sprint. Don’t expect miracles, instant success or get impatient with yourself. As long as your book is relevant to the world, you should be working to market it. At some point, momentum will take over, but even if that happens, you should still do something on a daily basis to market your book.

I wrote Angel On Board  in 1998, and it took me 11 years to get Angel On Board – Real Life Stories published. I market both as enthusiastically as I can and I enjoy seeing the sales results side by side and watching both continue to grow.

Impatience kills more author’s dreams than bad reviews, so please relax, and prepare yourself to get in shape for this book marketing exercise and track your progress as you go through the year. You should see the results getting better and better as the year progresses.


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