Jan 30 – Choose your Power word!

#ItsCrazyHow – It is Escape Day and tomorrow’s Popcorn Day…


#ItsCrazyHow – is trending on Twitter, but let’s switch that up and do a Facebook post starting with #ItsCrazyHow.  Then Tweet your FB post.

You can and should use the Power words across the social media platforms. In fact, you need to choose one for your book and also use it everywhere you can. It should be part of your branding efforts.

What is your #POWER #WORD?

#AngelBook works for Angel On Board.

Write down on one of your lists so that you can be consistent with your social media message.

(PS – Sorry this is late – I thought I posted it last night… only to find it right here – in my drafts this afternoon. Apologies!)

Jan 29 – Randomness and Social Media

#MyLifeIn5Words – And since I see nothing too exciting to write about “Corn Chip Day” and it is so late, I’ll lead with tomorrow’s obscure label and wish you all an early Happy “Escape Day”


That should be some good ammunition for tweets – write your life in 5 words.

I am that I am… Well I know that is not original and many other great people have said it before me, but I can’t sum up all the labels in my life in 5 words or less, so I’ll just be me instead…

Today’s exercise is one in randomness and you get to choose your social media of choice – be it Twitter, Facebook or Pinterest.

My favorite book in the world is called “Illusions” by Richard Bach. In it he describes a magical book called “The Messiah’s Handbook.” That book has no page numbers because it has the amazing quality that where ever you open it to is just the right message you need to receive.

So, I’m going to assume that about your book. It is magical also. I want you to pick it up, and with your eyes closed open to a random page. Depending on the page, create a Tweet, Facebook post, or Pinterest pin for what is on the page. Trust this experience and find the gold that’s right there on that page.

Share what you did in the comments! This should be fun!

Enjoy… and go Escape!

Jan 28 – Sub-divide your market

#GetHappy is trending… once again it is a sponsored link, Geico to be precise, but it was the best trending term on Twitter right now. As authors, I bet we can find something that makes us happy. I know what makes me happy… Good reviews!

Mandala EJ ch 4 inside

What images can you see in this mandala?

We just received notice of another great review. This one was for one of our books, not even an hour old yet! Congratulations to my friend and co-author Sue Scudder for this new review on “The Voice Across the Veil.”

Happy “Rattlesnake Roundup Day.” Personally, I’d rather get happy!


So, how do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time…  

How do you reach your audience? One niche at a time…

When I ask new authors who wants their book, and they tell me “Everybody,” I really begin to sweat!  Even if the book has mass market appeal, I doubt everybody can use it. Very few books will ever actually be able to do that. Even the biggest blockbusters of our time serviced specific niches. Harry Potter – Teen fiction / Sci-Fi / Fantasy. The religious right hated Harry Potter. 50 Shades of Gray… called “Mommy Porn” – not for everybody! So if you still think everybody should want your book, think again. But, honestly, that is good news!

It is easier to reach specific niches than to reach a broad audience! Even if you service several niches, you probably reach each niche for a different reason. Really start to think about it.

Then – be prepared to make course corrections when your audience starts to define itself. For instance, I thought Angel On Board was going to appeal to alcoholics because I wrote it ‘to’ an alcoholic, but it found it’s home in the Inspiration and Bereavement niches. Trust me, I market to the Inspirational audience a whole lot differently than I do to the bereavement community. I also have a paranormal fiction niche that loves it and a Christian niche where it has done well. I don’t use the same tactic in each.

Go back to your keywords. Do they help you see your niches? Can you add some of the niches your book appeals to to your keywords? If so, add them to that valuable list!

I ask myself what aspect of the book appeals to the specific niche and start to figure out why, then I try to phrase an engaging question for each. I work to get a ‘yes’ answer.

It is said that if you can get someone to answer “Yes” three times, you have connected enough to make a sale. Think about that the next time you get a sales call. They’re trying to get you to say “Yes” to anything and keep you saying “Yes” until they actually ask you what they called to ask you.

So today’s exercise is to list at least 3 separate communities or niches that your book services – the more diverse the better. Be open to your audience surprising you. After you’ve listed those 3 new communities, go try and create a tweet  that is a question for each of them.

Here are a couple for Angel On Board – Real Life Stories.

1. Do you believe angels play with babies when no one is looking? Angel On Board – Real Life Stories #Paranormal #Non-Fiction

2. Have you ever experienced something so amazing, you knew someone you know was watching out for you? Angel On Board – Real Life Stories #Bereavement

3. The word angel really means messenger -have you ever received a message from an angel? Angel On Board-Real Life Stories #Inspirational

Jan 27 – Twitter stuff today

#NeverHaveIEver is trending on Twitter… somehow that reminds me of Burger King coupons, but I digress…  And according to George Takei,   it is Holocaust Remembrance Day.

The Remnant by Othniel J. Seiden is a wonderful historically accurate fiction book about Babi Yar, Kiev and the Forest People who were part of the Jewish Resistance during WWII. It is a stunning novel, and it is gaining quite a following!


I created a new “Thousand Tweet” campaign for Udemy – because we publish a class through Udemy and like Amazon.com, they have an affiliate program. We are enrolled as affiliates.  In less than 3 hours, Udemy logged that we had over 421 people click-through into their site from our Twitter. TWITTER IS POWERFUL, PEOPLE! TWITTER IS POWERFUL!

So today, I want you to:

  • Follow your followers
  • Using 2 of your keywords as search terms, find 15 more people to follow
  • Tweet using 3 of the trending words
  • Go to your Amazon.com page and Tweet from there – and if you can also use the trending words do, if not use your keywords!

Taking some time in Twitter and building up your following is well worth your while.  If you want to find out about the Thousand Tweet campaign, click through to Thousand Tweets and fill out the form at the bottom.

Just Tweet – any chance you get – not just about your book. Keep your readers interested by telling them about your day, your thoughts or just share great quotes. Twitter is a significant tool in your book marketing arsenal.


Jan 26 – Read the comments…

Mighty Mouse is trending on Twitter and today they played the Senior Bowl… Not a national holiday – but important to my family! Go #72!


http://super-e-books.com/how-to-add-your-free-e-book-to-the-super-e-books-calendar/ – One of the comments from yesterday enlightened me to a place where you can publicly list your ebook’s KDP free days.

One of the best tips I can give you is to exclusively publish your e-book through the Kindle process so that you can take advantage of the KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) Select benefits.

It was said to me when I first wrote Angel On Board (1998) that one of the best ways to sell books is to give books away. At that time, they were referring to review copies sent to newspaper or magazine reviews who would hopefully publish a review. These days the reviews that count are the reviews that show up on Amazon.com. And one great way to get reviews is by giving these free books away. You are rewarded with reviews… and future sales.

Best-selling book

The day Angel On Board was #7 on all of Amazon.com

One day last February, Angel On Board gave away 16,000+ books. This blasted sales into the stratosphere for about 4 months solid. That day, Angel On Board was #7 – for all of Amazon.com! And the #1 Fiction book!

The momentum that gathered after that day was spectacular!

Angel On Board routinely makes it into the top 100 on her free days even now… I’ll let you know the next day it is free.

Just like the calendar referenced at the top of this tip, we publish a Kindle Free Site as well – http://KindleFreebees.com – This site shows the top 20 hot selling Kindle books in dozens of different categories. Then along the left side, there is a column that features Books To Believe In’s free books for that moment. It performs a service and markets our books.

Jumping on this Free Kindle bandwagon is a good idea and it has proven extraordinarily lucrative for my author’s books as well – connecting them with new clients and new readers all over the globe.

Since we’ve begun Tweeting about our free books every hour, we have seen another boost in the giveaways for the day, which in-turn boosts sales and new reviews.

Even if ‘giving books’ away seems counter intuitive to you, picture this…

In Christmas of 2011, Amazon.com sold 3,000,000 Kindles, Christmas 2012 was another banner year and there are 300,000,000 people in the US alone! Most of those in the US have a smart phone, PC, or tablet. Even a great day with 16,000 books given away didn’t dent my potential market at all. But what 16,000 people in one day learning about (and hopefully talking about) Angel On Board did was give me advertising exposure like I’d never experienced before.

For you fishermen out there… Think of it as ‘chumming the water with small fish to bring in the big catch!” It works and it is well worth it.

If your e-book isn’t exclusive with Amazon.com, you’re missing this. There aren’t enough ‘other-branded e-readers’ in the world that can match this!  If you are exclusive with Kindle, enroll your book in KDP, write down the free dates and load them into the link above!

Good night & good luck!

Jan 25 – Are you selling your own book through Amazon?

#writeclub    #Australia are both trending on Twitter – It’s Australia day tomorrow 26th, but it is already the 26th in Australia – G’day Mates!

Learn to Speak Australian in Idiom of Oz. I learned some very cool things in that book!


My question for you today is are you an Amazon.com reseller for your own book? If not, you should be.

Even if you are using a POD (print on demand) press, buy some copies and resell them through Amazon.com (at a just slightly lower price than Amazon.com) and let potential customers know that you will sign and date the book for them making it a collector’s item.

This is very easy. Go to your own Amazon.com book’s page and where it says, “Sell yours here” – press the button and fill in the blanks.

In the “condition” section – put “Brand New, Author signed and dated.”

When a customer sees a lower price, with an autograph, they will be attracted to it. The next bonus is that they are only giving their credit card info to the merchant they trust (i.e. Amazon). So they’re happy.

The good news for you is multi-faceted – 1. You make more money (instead of 45% of the sale, you make 85% less $1) on a $20 book, you make $16 instead of $9. ANNNNNNNND… you get your customer’s name, contact information and the ability to contact them!

This is just another great way to create the win/win.

This exercise lays the groundwork for another great way to market your book to garner a ton of immediate attention. I will tell you about it in a future blog. For now, sign up to be an Amazon.com reseller for your own book!  You can do it! It will be well worth it.

Side note: For those of you who don’t want to do this because you don’t want to have to fulfill your own orders… get over it – yes, you do want to fulfill these orders. With the extra cash you make per book, if it gets overwhelming – hire a teenager, but don’t use laziness or fear of success as a reason not to do this. It is toooooooooooooooooooo important!

Jan 24 – Free Classified Ads

Eskimo Pie Patent Day –  John Belushi‘s birthday, 1949. #CallOutSomeoneBeautiful is trending on Twitter.

Check out the comments on the previous posts… You authors are doing great – #CallOutSomeoneBeautiful – to my authors and followers! Here’s to you!    (I just tweeted that. I hope people read your comments. I sure do and they are appreciated. I’m glad you all are doing so well.


Othniel Seiden

Colorado’s Most Prolific Author

I strive to talk to at least 5 of my authors every day. Today I met with an interesting mix of them. The book development process is really fun. It is such a privilege to be a part of someone else’s dream. We had a second galley proof placed in the hands of one author, who clutched it to her heart when she saw it. We were working last minute cover tweaks on a rush job for Saturday. I corresponded with one author whose first book is starting to take off while its sequel is at the editor! An author ordered some new copies of their book and my favorite, Colorado’s most prolific author sent me the cover for his 31st book published with us… Such diverse personalities, messages, dreams and goals – and most of all such diverse customer bases.


How do you reach such a diverse customer base. I tell people that I’ll teach them to market their book(s), while I market our entire inventory of books – which also includes their book(s). Books to Believe In boasts nearly 1000 new readers a day. This reach wasn’t possible before the Internet, at least not for a mid-range press like Books To Believe In.  The Internet has leveled the playing field and Amazon.com has done that even more effectively.

One important strategy is to get other websites to link to your website. A website isn’t exactly a “if you build it – they will come” proposition. You have to attract the traffic in – or funnel it in from other websites. The best way to do that is to develop a strategy of getting Backlinks into your websites. Sounds complicated? It can be if you want it to be – or you can use some tools made for this very exercise.  I’m referring to Free Classified Ads. There are dozens of places on the Internet where you can leave a classified ad and I’ll list a few for you. The ad performs two very important duties – one, it provides a place for people to click through to your website, two – it creates backlinks into your website that are seen by the search engines. Not all places allow the link to be live, but even if it isn’t, you ad is still there! Always at least try to put in a link though.

You can always place paid-for ads, but there is no need with all the free ad sites out there.

Just google “Free Classified Ads” and you’ll see more than you can handle.

Why would people allow you to place ads for free? Because they want your content. If you fill in their website with your information, they can have bigger and bigger and more robust websites. Monetizing a website happens many different ways, charging to place an ad isn’t necessarily the most profitable for these people. It doesn’t matter – one hand washes the other, so to speak, and they provide you a way to advertise your book and hopefully get a back link in the process.

If you find a good website, share it in the comments!

Thanks and have a great night!