Jan 1 – book marketing assignment

Let’s get the new year started out right.

I gave you a heads up a few days ago about the first assignment, I hope you’ve thought about it and better yet, written about 3-5 paragraphs about why your book helps/entertains it readers. The tip here is to keep your marketing focused on and written in the 2nd person – YOU. You is the most powerful word in advertising. Stop talking about “What I just did” and focus outward to your readership. The connection you make will be remembered… therefore your book will be remembered.

Here is a link to my Angel On Board blog: It is titled How Angel On Board – Real Life Stories can help…

Be sure with every blog post that you include a link back to your amazon.com page.

http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/B00AB7XXU6/desibycapr-20  – The B00AB7XXU6 is the ASIN or ISBN-10. All you have to do to get your Amazon.com’s book’s link is to swap out the B00AB7XXU6 in this link to your 10-digit code. If you leave the affiliate link, that will just help us to monetize this blo-which everyone likes to do. It is not required though.

http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/1932344764/desibycapr-20   This is an example link to the paperback version of Angel On Board – notice only the 10-digit difference.

Assignment #2 – while you are on your Amazon.com page – please ‘LIKE’ it. There is a button near the top and every author should “LIKE” their own book. If you have family and friends, please encourage them to do the same. Please feel free to “LIKE” Angel On Board – Real Life Stories if you need the practice pushing buttons… LOL!

Until tomorrow!


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