Jan 4 – Post your bio and head-shot on Pinterest

Today, we’re going to introduce you to Pinterest and more importantly, introduce your followers to you as an author.

You should have taken a picture of yourself for your biography, for publication either inside your book or on the back cover. It is time to find that picture and put it out on Pinterest. I know I have a picture on greatangelbooks.com – so I “Add a Pin”, enter the website and a choice of pictures comes up. If you don’t have a website with your picture on it already, then choose “Upload a Pin” and find a copy of your head-shot on your computer (truly any picture of you will do) and press upload.

Go to Pinterest.com and find (or create) the board dedicated to your book. Post your head-shot there and write a brief bio.

Here is mine and you can use it as an example if you’d like Pinterest

You’ll notice that these exercises don’t take very long, but if you do something for your book every day, then you will sell more books. There is nothing more stifling than the feeling of not selling books, and feeling helpless about it. We will give you plenty of tools to use to keep interest in your book fresh and lively, for both you and your readers.

If you feel so led, go back to the prior posts and do that work again. The more you’ll do, the more natural it will feel to you and the more you will continue do it. At least that is how it happens for me.

To your success!


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