Jan 5 – See what is trending on Twitter and jump on the band wagon

Part of the Twitter is a phenomenon called “Trending” and trending tags. This simply is Twitter monitoring all its tweets and if some word or phrase is used frequently, then it is listed under the trending tags. This is a good way to get news about world events. For instance, just this morning, there was a 7.5 magnitude earthquake that struck off the coast of Alaska. Subsequent Tsunami warnings were issued. We have a family member that might have been impacted. Cell phones systems are usually over-burdened when a disaster strikes, so one way of finding out what is happening is by looking on Twitter and searching for a trending tag like #Tsunami or #Earthquake. We are happy to report that everything is fine with our family members in Alaska.

At any given moment however, Twitter is trending at least 10 things. Right now it is trending on:

#WishGranted Promoted
Chris Paul
Rocco Grimaldi
FA Cup

You should check out these trending tags on Twitter at least once a day and see if there is any way to tweet about your book using one of them. It won’t always be possible, but if it ever is, you should seize the opportunity.

We could trend on #business. If your book was about a singer, you could trend on the #Top10GreatestVoices. Even if it is a stretch, to get your tweet to trend with the popular tweets is a good thing.

One day I was lucky enough to find the trending tag #ASKANGEL. Trust me, we jumped on that one.

So, today’s tweet will be about #business.

Angel On Board – Real Life Stories http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/B00164TNJI/grearelabook-20 – It’s good #business to believe in #angels.

If you aren’t following me on AngelAuthors – please go to http://twitter.com/AngelAuthors and follow me. Look for the tweet and retweet it. Check what ever is trending and create a tweet using that trending tag. Feel free to tweet two or three times using it if you can find any reasonable connection.

The point is to put your book where people are congregating. Using the Twitter trending tags is a good place to find out what people are talking about.


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