Jan 6 – Write a FORUM post on your book’s Amazon page

Go to your book’s Amazon.com page, or click here and scroll most of the way to the bottom until you see an orange section title called "Forums".

This section allows you to start discussions about your book. But the real benefit of doing this is that you can get more content on your page and if you deliberately spike that content with your keywords/key phrases then it will help you rise to the top of the Amazon.com search results. Again, most people want to be #1 on google, but I want to be #1 on Amazon.com! Why? Because it is a buying site and if I can get my customers to go straight there, the chances they will buy are greater than if I bring them to an outside website where they have to click through to get to a purchase page.

Now, be strategic… The title of the blog needs to contain your keyword. The reason is that is appears on your book's page, so it will now be included in the algorithm to determine search word relevance. Choose it carefully and enter it accurately, because once it is chosen, it does not change.


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