Please let me know about your links

If you are following along with the exercises and you have a blog or a new forum on your book’s page, please be sure and leave me the link in the comments section so that we can all share our book marketing successes with each other.

I’ve made the comments accept links, so you’ll be able to click through. I do have to approve the link to make sure we don’t get spammed by someone selling something unrelated. If you have something to show off to the followers of this blog, please post it in the comments.


5 thoughts on “Please let me know about your links

  1. With regard to “Books to Believe in”; I’ve a manuscript that isn’t writtten in the best presentation, but covers the #1 disability among children – cognitive challenges or traumatic brain injuries. I’ll leave some links, where my information is available. If there is a opportunity to work to complete my individuality, then we may proceed: I’ve survived 41 cognitive challenges/traumatic brain injuries. I view my recovery, positive vs. negative, like injured, disabled, etc., (terms in the legal disability environment/discrimination).​107714.html​challenged-conquistador-inc.html​CHALLENGED-CONQUISTADORS-INC.html​211​314161034.aspx​Surviving-brain-injury.htm​conquering-trauma.html​positivism​nationalpartners

    My work has been referenced to H. Gardner of Harvard’s book The Unschooled Mind, because I address the linguistic intelligence, also, I address the attitudual environmental barrier/exclusion at Craig Hospital, Positive Psychology Center, etc.

    Shaun best, Protector ofthe Natural State
    Challenged Conquistadors, Inc.
    1110 Pine Circle
    Smackover, AR 71762

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