Jan 7 – Track your results

On a daily basis, you should track your Amazon.com’s sales rank and you should tweet about how it is doing from the Amazon.com page.

Again, Amazon.com likes activity to its pages and if you make it a daily exercise to go look at your book and log your sales rank, then tweet from it, Amazon.com will log that information – noting that there is marketing activity on your book. They are in business to sell books. They will help people who are helping them – it is good for business to create the win/win and they are good at that!

We offer a service that alerts you when your sales rank changes and we tweet about the activity. It also monitors when there is a new review and tweets about that too. On a daily basis, we tweet about the book just because the service has been purchased. I recommend you get this service – http://bookstobelievein.com/SalesRankNotificationSubscription.php. This will do some things for you that you should do anyway. This service alerts you and it is fun to receive these e-mails because you can actually see when your sales are being affected by your efforts.

However, you should start a log, in a spreadsheet or on paper, listing your Amazon.com sales rank every day for every product. If you see a bump in sales (a decrease in sales rank) then you have something you can build on. Even the littlest events deserve to be recognized in Twitter and Facebook.

Just keep a log and track your progress. Remember, we’ve committed to this blog for a year, (You’re in a Marathon, not a Sprint) so if you commit to doing this with us for a year, stick with this and visit your page daily, logging your sales rank. Read the responses to the forums, comment on the reviews, or just tweet from the page. It doesn’t matter what you do once you get to the page, just click on something. Interact with the page in an organic sense. You’ll enjoy it and reap the rewards.


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