Jan 9 – Create a Facebook (FB) post about the next holiday on the calendar and tie it to your book

On your book’s FB fan page, create a post linking the next holiday you’d like to celebrate with your book.

For instance, Angel On Board and Memorial Day go together. Unfortunately, it also works with Mother’s Day and Father’s Day for those unfortunate enough to have lost a parent. But on a lighter note, it goes with Thanksgiving, because we’re grateful for those we loved.

In Angel On Board – Real Life Stories, we talk about the day Bulldogs and Babies were born on the same day… Trust me, I have June 12’s blog already planned out.

Linking your book with things that are going on around us in the world helps people relate to your book and make it memorable on another level. These posts can be serious or they can be tongue-in-cheek, it doesn’t matter as long as your book gets attention.

There is a “Bizarre Calendar” in google.com/calendar that you can link to. For instance today is “PLAY GOD DAY.” Tomorrow is “PECULIAR PEOPLE DAY.” I can think of a couple of humorous posts for both of these regarding “Angel On Board – Real Life Stories.”

When you go into Facebook, you should ‘use facebook as your book’ so that you can post directly on to your book’s fan page. Go up to the HOME area and select the little gear to the right of it and you should see a list of the pages you can post on. Select your book. Here is Angel on Board’s fan page. Go see what I wrote – and if you haven’t “LIKED” the page yet, please do.

You could attach your book to a cause as well. There’s always some type of Awareness campaign going on. You could post, “In honor of xxxxxx awareness week, I’m letting you know about this…” and you fill in the blanks. The possibilities are endless.


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