Jan 12 -Don’t be afraid to market other people’s books – it creates variety and cross promotion possibilities

Holidays: January 12 – The first Super Bowl occurs, 1967.   Feast of Fabulous Wild Men Day #UnitedInOrange  is trending right now

Wow, interesting themes right now… The Feast of Fabulous Wild Men also reminds me of football too. And if you didn’t know it about me, I live in Denver and our playoff game against the Ravens is kicking off in just a couple of hours. So, what does that mean to you book marketers out there? A lot of people are talking about football!

I would first like to say that my company has published 300+ books and as such, I always can pull something from the inventory to tie to current events. The current event today is Football, so I’m going to talk about four Football books we publish and a thing called a “FORESITE” or “VIRTUAL BOOK SHELF”

http://footballstatsbooks.com/ – One of my authors is obsessed with football stats and he proves it with every new book he writes. Football is a big topic and many books have been written on it. The true football fan loves good stats, but they also love good stories. So an effective way of selling the stats books that Don writes is to list them side-by-side with the biographies and the inspirational books on the same topic. I call these Virtual Book Shelves because these books would be shelved side-by-side in a bookstore. It only makes sense to put them side-by-side online as well.

50 Seasons of Quarterbacks by Don Nichols

50 Seasons of Quarterbacks by Don Nichols

Many authors get caught up in ‘selling only their book,’ but the cooperative model works so much better. Start thinking about what books your book will be compared with – because that will happen, and if you start offering up the examples, you’ll start directing how your book is perceived, even before it is released. Ask yourself, what are my readers already reading? From what books did I draw my inspiration? Create a website around that, whether your book is already out or not, this is a way to drill down your niche and reach your readers directly.

If you’re still writing your book, you still need to get in front of your audience. So, how do you do that? You create a website offering up the books that your readers are already reading and introduce yourself to your readership by comparing your book to other well-known books in your niche.

It is my belief that book marketing starts the minute you commit to writing the book. If you really want the blockbuster release, then there is a ton of preparation to do. Most New York Times best-sellers have an 18 month pre-release marketing strategy played out for them.  So, why shouldn’t you? Three months minimum if you really want to release to a sizable audience!

We promote a concept called a FORESITE, which is designed to pre-market your book, create your waiting list for your launch and introduce your book to your niche.  http://greatangelbooks.com  http://greatsuspensebooks.com  http://greatnutritionbooks.com.  If you want to talk to our company about creating this type of website for your book, we will be happy to do so, please write to us at publisher@bookstobelievein.com.


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