Jan 13 – Get all the webpages that sell your book indexed

Happy “Make Your Dream Come True Day” or “Blame Someone Else Day” – #SoulCall #spiritchat are trending on Twitter. I just took advantage of both of those tags for both the fiction and non-fiction versions of Angel On Board! Thanks Twitter!

Make your dream come true day – hmmmm? Authors, was getting your book published a ‘dream come true?’ For most, I’m sure it was, give us a good FB post about how that felt!


Make a list of all the website addresses where you market or sell your book.

For instance:

and likely there are many others, like your Squidoo Lens or the Amazon.com page for the physical version of your book, etc. Take a minute to list these all out and keep this list somewhere where you can access it readily.

You want to ping every time your website changes, so for instance, if you get a new Amazon.com review or if you’ve put in a Forum, or if you’ve added new tags to your Amazon.com book’s page, then it’s a new webpage. Let these services know it changed.

If you change the contents of your website, ping the pages that have changed.

If you get/put new comments on your FB fanpage, ping that too.

This is a way of letting the search engines know you are there. Websites aren’t “If you build it, they will come” – they are more like “Hey, Hey, Look at me! I’m over here!” These ping services help to give you a virtual megaphone.

Until next time!


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