Jan 14 – Set up a ‘Google Alert’ for your book’s name, your name and 2 of your keyword phrases.

Happy “National Dress Up Your Pet Day.” The Simpsons premiered on this day in 1990. #ThatsFunny is trending on Twitter.
Today we are going to set up several ‘Google Alerts.’ http://google.com/alerts This is a service that will send you e-mails when something you want to know about is mentioned anywhere on the Internet.

So, authors, if you want to start commenting on blogs in your subject area, find out where they are talking about the subject and make an effort to follow these links, leave comments and back links to your book or website.

“Angels” “True Paranormal” “Supernatural” “EJ Thornton” “Capri Brock” “Angel On Board” – all of these are alerts that we could set up for Angel On Board – Real Life Stories

You can select blogs only or news stories only or everything. Try a few different combinations and see what works for you. You will be amazed with the number of links that you’ll get back for any general topic. It is likely you’ll have to figure out using multi-word phrases how to sift out some of the extra posts that you don’t want. For instance, “Angel” could mean Hell’s Angels, Charlie’s Angels, the baseball team etc. But once you see what is being sent, you can change or alter it to possibly two or three more specific alerts, for example “Christian Angel” “Heavenly Angel” “Spiritual Angel.”

Look through these links and if you see places where you can leave useful comments, then leave useful comments. If there is a place that you can leave a website link, then do so. But no matter what, sign it with your pen name and if possible your book’s name. This is easy publicity and if it also generates back links, then it is a valuable SEO exercise.

Until tomorrow…


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