Jan 15 – Write a FB post with some back story about your book

Today is “Hat Day” – Martin Luther King’s real birthday, and #ConfessionNight is trending on Twitter.


I have written a few times on my Facebook Fanpage about how the characters in Angel On Board got their names. In fact one of those stories is called “Marshal, Marshal, Marshal’ in Angel On Board – Real Life Stories.

Today, as I can get triple mileage out of this post by talking about a holiday and some great back story for the book, I will have a #ConfessionNight.

The main character of the book is named “Martin” and that was to honor Martin Luther King. The character was a preacher in life, African-American, strong, full of integrity, wise and loving. Every time I thought of him, I heard the name Martin. I loved the connection.

The angels helped me name my characters. Several of them were named for people who were my angels. But there was some very strange activity around the names of the characters of “Jeremi” “Marshal” “Martin Harper” and “Glory.”  The real-life circumstances that went into naming them made great stories in and of themselves.

Stuff like this is interesting back story and would probably be the answer to an interview question if you were to be interviewed somewhere. Instead of waiting for your moment on Oprah – give your future readers a taste of who you are and where your book came from. This will make it very memorable and again, create the relationship between you and your reader that will result in sales, referrals and hopefully repeat customers.  Repeat customers? Yes, people who will buy your book over and over again, because it makes the perfect gift! When they give that gift, they tell a bit of this kind of back story to the recipient of the gift to make the gift more special.

Share this kind of information with your readers, on your blog or in your posts. It will result in you building a great following.


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