Jan 16 – Write 10 Interview questions

National Spicy Food Day (good for the cookbooks and nutrition books) – only obituaries and the like trending on Twitter (but if your book is about grief, that’s a possibility for you to connect)


Everyone knows that a Press Kit is probably something an author should create – especially if they want mainstream media exposure. Most press kits contain 3 things – a Press Release, a Biography (headshot included) and Interview questions.

Mainstream media exposure is great for any book and author, and I’ve seen it launch a book and I’ve also seen it do virtually nothing for a book. It depends on so many factors. But let’s assume it is a good thing and we’ll want to go after it. So, creating a press kit is on the to-do list.

Writing and posting press releases will be in a future post. Today, I want to talk about interview questions. These are your book’s talking points, and we need about 10 of them for any good press kit. So let’s start brainstorming… There are the typical questions, “What inspired you to write your book?” “How long did it take you to write your book?” “Who is your book going to benefit?” and so on. These provide a good starting point.


I kept the fact that I was
writing a book a secret

Let’s dig deeper. For Angel On Board, I wrote it in secret. Not many people know that, so how would I craft a good question where I can explain that?

“Hey EJ – did you write your book in secret?” is a little too blunt. “Who helped you write your book?” “When did you write your book?” “Where did you write your book?” Those questions will pull out that answer.

So, figure out 10 points you’d like to make about your book to someone who is willing to listen to you talk about it. List them on paper. Then craft the question that will pull that answer out. Now you have your interview questions.

But guess what you also have? You have 10 good Pin’s on Pinterest. You have 10 good blog posts. You have 10 good Facebook posts. And you’re 33% done with your press kit.

Yes, use the same information over and over again, just dress it up differently. It will help you keep your message consistent, entertaining and memorable.


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