Jan 17 – Pinterest work today

Blessing of the Animals Day (great if your book is about animals in any way) – #Business is trending in Twitter (works for almost any non-fiction book).


Just something new to look at

Just something new to look at

It is time to go find another great quote from your book, find a great picture and post a Pinterest pin for it.  The thing about social media is to be active on it. I want to teach these skills and I hope that you are posting, pinning and tweeting far more than these posts direct you to.

You should be on Pinterest and repinning other’s pins at least once a day, and generating new content at least once a week. Never let your site go dormant.

You should have at least one pin for every web page that features your book and whenever you find a new site that lists your book, you should create a pin for it. It is okay to have multiple pins going to the same web site, but make the artwork different on each.

If you have illustrations in your book, logos, clipart, charts, it doesn’t matter, just don’t post your book’s cover over and over and over again.





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