Jan 18 – Follow your followers

#ItsHardForMeTo   Winnie the Pooh Day


It’s Friday – and today’s lesson will be very easy. It’s all about Twitter!

We work very hard to build up our following on Social Media. We all want to build up the number of followers that we have on Twitter.  But Twitter has limits as to the number of Followers one can request, and sets ratios that its users must maintain to build up their followings.

If you get a Twitter follower who is interested in you because of your subject matter, you want to keep them as followers because they will truly expand your Social Media reach.

If someone is following you, follow them back. We manage this for those people who use our “Thousand Tweets” program. But for those that don’t, there are tools to do this easily, inside Twitter and outside Twitter using utilities other people have built for Twitter. http://FriendorFollow.com.

If you want to build up your following, go follow people whose profiles come up when you search on the Keywords we’ve identified for your book. You’ll be amazed at how many follow you back.

You’ll be able to follow up to 2000 people, then you will reach a limit inside Twitter and you’ll not be allowed to follow any more people until you come into their pre-set ratio. It is then that you must dump some of the people you are following. The most logical ones to dump are the ones who are not following you back.

Since this is taught by most social media gurus, and they make tools for this very exercise, then most people who are really working Twitter are doing this very thing. So to prevent them from deleting you as their follower, follow them back right away.

I think you should do this routinely. If there is a service you can sign up for – like ThousandTweets – do it, but if you aren’t subscribed to that, then set a monthly reminder on your calendar to go use one of the utilities and Follow your Followers.

You will see your social media presence grow and grow and grow.


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