Jan 20 – Working with your Amazon.com reviews

January 20 – George Burns‘ birthday, 1896. #storycraft is trending on Twitter, it is National Cheese Day AND  today is Penguin Awareness Day!


Happy Penguin Awareness Day

Happy Penguin Awareness Day

Always something to celebrate!  For all you fiction writers – #Storycraft is just out there waiting for you. In fact, just to give your Twitter readers some variety, go out to Amazon.com, find your favorite fiction book – and Tweet using the power word #StoryCraft.


Today, I want to talk about your Amazon.com reviews and let you know about a couple cool tools that give you a touch of control on how your Amazon.com page displays.

First and foremost, work diligently until you have at least 15 reviews on your Amazon.com page. Angel On Board currently has 45 reviews. Most are 5-star reviews, some are lesser.

So many authors come to me and ask me about ways they can market their book more successfully and I always tell them to get more Amazon.com reviews. The reason I tell them this is that in my experience, books with more reviews sell more reliably. I have books that have 20+ reviews and I can count on them to sell daily. Books with 5 or less can go months without selling. Why? Readers want books that are hot and that are being talked about. If you haven’t done your due diligence to get Amazon.com reviews for your book, your readers know that either the publisher or the author doesn’t care very much about the book and if the author doesn’t care, why should the reader care?!?!?

Create incentives to get reviews – offer up a bottle of wine – payable after the review has been posted. Ask your readers to review by placing an incentive on the back page of the book – such as you’ll send them a bonus chapter that isn’t in the book. For Kindle book authors, offer the first 15 reviewers a free physical copy of your book, if they post the review and then write to you at an e-mail address you print in the book. Since it is a Kindle book, take the offer out when you’ve given away 15 books. Get creative, and be generous. Those reviews will be gold to you throughout your book’s life!  They will become your ‘virtual sales force’ and they will sell your book. You can afford to be generous with this exercise.

This blog entry has gotten a bit long, so I’ll talk about the tools around the reviews tomorrow…

And now, to quote the generous Gracie Allen, “Good night, George!”  🙂


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