Jan 21 – “Like” your good reviews

Today, of course is MLK Day, Inauguration day and the teams for the Super Bowl have been decided. The trends on Twitter are mainly about all of that. Sometimes it is okay in book marketing to take some time and notice what is going on around you and comment on that. However, if you have a book about Civil Rights, Politics, or Football – make that connection and go to town!


Yesterday we talked about getting your first 15 reviews on Amazon.com. The reason you want to spearhead that campaign is usually the oldest ones stay on the main page the longest because they have more opportunity to be voted on as Helpful or not Helpful!   So making a concerted effort to get the first few reviews and have them be 5 stars, and then voting on them as helpful will keep those early 5-star reviews in plain sight for all your book’s visitors to see.

Because this author used our tool for Sales Rank and Review Notifications, I just got notification that Autumn Romance has a brand new review. It is less than one hour old. Yay and congrats to author Carol Denker. Take a second and go look at the reviews though. The three that are prominent on the page are from 2010 – which is when the hard cover book was published. They only have three helpful votes, but that is more than these new reviews have, so they are voted ‘more helpful’ which is why they still show so prominently.

IF – God forbid – you get a bad review (3,2,1) – then you can manage how visible the review is by voting it ‘not helpful.’ If you can get a quick campaign together of 3 or 4 friends, you will likely have enough voting strength to push that bad review down into the ‘least helpful’ pit and it will eventually not even show up on the front page. By the way, every book gets a bad review now and then, even Harry Potter, Gone with the Wind, and the Bible. It’s okay, and you should never panic when one shows up, just be smart and know how to deal with it, as described here.

Take the voting buttons seriously. Amazon uses them in their algorithms and when making decisions about the page appearance. Use these tools to your advantage. Know what they mean and if you need to have 3 or 4 people help you do some of this voting, get a few of your friends to help you.  Your reviews will make or break your book’s popularity long-term, so take this exercise VERY SERIOUSLY!

Enjoy the rest of this day celebrating a truly inspirational man of our time!


One thought on “Jan 21 – “Like” your good reviews

  1. It’s amazing to me, how often I resist something and then when I do it, it turns out to be easy… I’m talking here about asking friends and/or purchasers of my book, Autumn Romance, to review the book on Amazon. At a recent dinner party, I met a delightful woman, a jeweler, and we traded: the necklace she was wearing for a copy of my book. (!) She called days later to say how much she loved it, how moved she was–but it’s always so hard for me to ask someone to comment. Feels presumptuous or something. But after a recent conversation with EJ, I got in touch with how much I believe in my book, how much effort and love I’d put into it, and so I emailed the above deligbhtful woman, and she was HAPPY to write a review, the recent one EJ pointed out.
    So now I gotta go back and ask the last bunch of people who bought it….easier.

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