Jan 23 – You’ve got to keep at it!

#LetsGetToWork is trending right now. Albeit, it is a sponsored Twitter trend for University of Phoenix, I’d like to adopt it for the theme of the day too.  It is also National Pie Day (although that should really be National Pi day and should be celebrated on 3/14). Shhhhh, I know my ‘nerd’ is showing.


Today I had two very different experiences with two very different authors, but with two reasonably similar books. The first is someone who has 5 new reviews in the last 2 days and is receiving sales ranks notifications about new sales consistently now. She’s going to adjust her Kindle to offer to give away a free book for any new Amazon.com review and she is totally thrilled to work the system.  The second was from an author who wanted to know how her sales were going – which is a legitimate question. She’d seen the e-mail about this blog, but hasn’t followed it – she doesn’t have time… Now she was impatient and disappointed that her book hadn’t performed well in the last 3 months since release.

Tale of two authors? Both are published through this publishing house. Both have access to all the same tools. One works them, one doesn’t and they are both having completely different experiences regarding the ‘joy’ factor of being a published author.

You’ve got to work it – daily! You’ve got to be Tweeting, Pinning or Posting daily. You don’t have to be posting ‘Buy my book’ with every social media interaction, but you do need to be working to build up your perceived expertise in your field. You do need to be adding valuable content onto these platforms.

Both of these authors have beautiful pictures inside their books. They could be Pinning these wonderful pictures on Pinterest. Those pictures alone would get re-pinned in a heart beat, the photos are so good. And the book would grow its audience. These two authors actually have an asset that most authors don’t have – a great art portfolio inside their books. With good one-liner quotes or ‘reminders’ alongside these pictures, these pins would go viral and drag their respective books right alongside them.

Today’s exercise is to go find some art from INSIDE your book – and a good ‘one-liner’ from inside your book. If you’re stumped for finding good one-liners, most people end chapters with zingers… See if there is a good point made at the end of your “chapter 5.” If you can’t find artwork, remember http://www.sxc.hu/ – and get a good free – really compelling – picture and post your quote with it.  Remember to ‘edit’ your pin to link back to your Amazon.com book’s page.

You need a steady solid presence in all the social medias. If you’re just joining this blog, go back through the daily entries until you’re caught up with us and enjoy the sales. Remember to comment on the blog with your pins and posts and I’ll share them with the group!  #LETSgetTOwork!


3 thoughts on “Jan 23 – You’ve got to keep at it!

  1. Thanks EJ for this post. The reason I say ‘thanks’ is that I am once more encouraged to persist. I did have a burst of optimistic energy after talking to you, and contacted a bunch of people who recently bought my book, Autumn Romance–I know they loved it. They all immediately (!) wrote positive reviews and I thought, “Yup, I can do this.” But then I went to Pinterest and my usual reactions to new technology –“This is so confusing! I’m such a dummy about technology!”–sprang up and I gave up. That afternoon I spoke to a bookstore which had carried Autumn Romance but they said ‘no’ to restocking it for Valentine’s Day–and right away, my usual reactions to rejection (‘maybe they’re right, why put all this effort in”) reared their discouraging heads.

    I was reminded by this post of how one (author) has to keep her eye on the prize, kill the negative self talk, just keep persisting. Thanks.

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