Jan 26 – Read the comments…

Mighty Mouse is trending on Twitter and today they played the Senior Bowl… Not a national holiday – but important to my family! Go #72!


http://super-e-books.com/how-to-add-your-free-e-book-to-the-super-e-books-calendar/ – One of the comments from yesterday enlightened me to a place where you can publicly list your ebook’s KDP free days.

One of the best tips I can give you is to exclusively publish your e-book through the Kindle process so that you can take advantage of the KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) Select benefits.

It was said to me when I first wrote Angel On Board (1998) that one of the best ways to sell books is to give books away. At that time, they were referring to review copies sent to newspaper or magazine reviews who would hopefully publish a review. These days the reviews that count are the reviews that show up on Amazon.com. And one great way to get reviews is by giving these free books away. You are rewarded with reviews… and future sales.

Best-selling book

The day Angel On Board was #7 on all of Amazon.com

One day last February, Angel On Board gave away 16,000+ books. This blasted sales into the stratosphere for about 4 months solid. That day, Angel On Board was #7 – for all of Amazon.com! And the #1 Fiction book!

The momentum that gathered after that day was spectacular!

Angel On Board routinely makes it into the top 100 on her free days even now… I’ll let you know the next day it is free.

Just like the calendar referenced at the top of this tip, we publish a Kindle Free Site as well – http://KindleFreebees.com – This site shows the top 20 hot selling Kindle books in dozens of different categories. Then along the left side, there is a column that features Books To Believe In’s free books for that moment. It performs a service and markets our books.

Jumping on this Free Kindle bandwagon is a good idea and it has proven extraordinarily lucrative for my author’s books as well – connecting them with new clients and new readers all over the globe.

Since we’ve begun Tweeting about our free books every hour, we have seen another boost in the giveaways for the day, which in-turn boosts sales and new reviews.

Even if ‘giving books’ away seems counter intuitive to you, picture this…

In Christmas of 2011, Amazon.com sold 3,000,000 Kindles, Christmas 2012 was another banner year and there are 300,000,000 people in the US alone! Most of those in the US have a smart phone, PC, or tablet. Even a great day with 16,000 books given away didn’t dent my potential market at all. But what 16,000 people in one day learning about (and hopefully talking about) Angel On Board did was give me advertising exposure like I’d never experienced before.

For you fishermen out there… Think of it as ‘chumming the water with small fish to bring in the big catch!” It works and it is well worth it.

If your e-book isn’t exclusive with Amazon.com, you’re missing this. There aren’t enough ‘other-branded e-readers’ in the world that can match this!  If you are exclusive with Kindle, enroll your book in KDP, write down the free dates and load them into the link above!

Good night & good luck!


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