Jan 31 – End of the first month… You gotta love it!

#SometimesYouHaveTo – It’s National Popcorn day and my husband told we can have it for dinner! So, good day!


We’ve been doing this together for a month now. I’ve learned some cool things from you guys too and I appreciate all the comments. I hope you’re reading and sharing in those as well.

I have you’ve incorporated some of these ideas into your routine and have gotten used to marketing your book on a daily basis! Congrats if you did do that!

party hatsI get to celebrate an accomplishment! Technorati just told me that they’ll put this blog in their directory. That was a multi-step process, but it is complete now and everyone communicating with me here will get more exposure. So keep those cards and letters coming (or comments, comments are good)!

I absolutely have the best job in the world. I get to work with dreamers and creative types and we help people make their dreams a reality. Some of those are life-long dreams!  Today, I worked with a man to help him organize his book. Later, I get to go to the printers and review a proof for a 2/22 launch! Tomorrow, we attend a launch party for a great new sci-fi coming out. Today, I’ve added new books to Amazon.com, re-published a couple of Kindles, tweeted on several books, and advised a couple more authors. This is fun!

When you love what you do, it shows. That is why loving the book marketing process will actually help your books to sell. Embracing the marketing process, instead of dreading it shows in the quality of the blog-posts and the rest of your social media. If you just do the bare minimum, those are the results you get. If you go the extra mile, you’ll start to see results and that momentum will grow and grow.

So today, go write a Facebook post about how grateful you are to your readers and how you love to reach out to them.  Remember to use your power word at the end of the post!


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