Feb 8 – Create a quick contest

#scifichat #fridayreads were trending today.  It’s Kite Flying day. 6 days until Valentine’s and only 4 days until Mardi Gras.  So, there’s plenty of ways to tie in your tweets to current events!


Speaking of that.  One of our authors – Carol Denker – author of Autumn Romance is launching a contest between now and Valentine’s Day.  She will send a book priority mail to whomever gives her the greatest idea of a Valentine’s gift (under $50). Whoever has the most likes, wins the book. She’ll priority mail it on the 12th, autographed so that you can present it to your sweetheart on the 14th.

It is a cool way to market the book. It brings attention to it, creates a buzz around it. Gives people something to look forward to and check back on her page about (creating FB popularity). This also gives the people who put in an entry a reason to share it with friends asking for votes. Very simple and easy to manage. No complicated rules – etc.

Giving away a book for an easy public contest is a good idea. What can you think of, that would get people thinking about your book?

This is just a fun example that I wanted to share. Get creative and hold a contest. You could do it monthly, quarterly – who knows.

Fun stuff! Good work, Carol!

Have a good weekend everybody!


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