Feb 10 – Milestones and coincidences

#ThingsThatMatter – It’s Umbrella Day  and the styrofoam cooler was invented today – giving rise to so many countless picnics.


Also, Angel On Board has passed another great milestone. It has received 50 reviews on Amazon.com. Check them out!!! Very sweet sentiments on most of the reviews. Each one reminds me why I wrote the book and makes me feel like it was well-worth the effort!

I’m not the author with the most reviews. That would be Jonathan Manske for “The Law of Attraction Made Simple.” He’s currently tracking at 78! Third place is “The Omen of the Crow” with 40 and fourth place is “The Remnant” with 30. Each and every review is acting like a sales person for its book! They are each so valuable!


Today, I’d like to talk about titles and some funny things about titles that help sell books.

Last night, I watch Dallas on TNT and the episode was called “Sins of the Father.” We have a book by Dar Tomlinson called Sins of the Father! So, why isn’t this a conflict of interest or copyrights? Because titles can not be copyrighted. They are just ‘ideas.’ The expression of those ideas is the piece that is copyrightable. I have had to educate many authors over the years who want to title their book in one way, but feel they can’t because there is already a book out there by that name. Nothing is stopping them from doing publishing a book with the same title. In fact, it might just help in marketing the way it did with one of our books called “Blind Faith.”

One day, I saw a spike in the sales – especially of the Kindle version – of Blind Faith. I tracked it down to another book on the market that was on the New York Times best-seller list called Blind Faith. People were coming to Amazon.com looking for the NYT Blind Faith and stumbling upon AND BUYING our book, because it was right beside it in the search results. Was that a coincidence? In one way yes, but in another way no.

We work hard to have our books show up high in the search results for their author’s names and their own titles. Just by listing in Amazon.com, there’s no guarantee that your book will show up high in the search for its very own title. It is up to the author/publisher to make that happen!

So, the next time you write a book and think of a good title – before you decide to rename the book because the title is a cliche – think again! It just might be a good thing. No guarantees, but it is something to think about.


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