Where attention goes…

It is funny but it always seems to happen. When I rediscover a dormant book in my inventory and do something about it, like contact the author, the book starts to sell again.

Voices of the Earth by Adam ChapuisIt happened again last night with Voices of the Earth by Adam Chapuis

I wrote an e-mail to the author to see if he was interested in a new program we were offering, and in so doing, I had to visit his websites, especially his pages on Amazon.com and his Kindle page. Of course, being there, I tweeted for him – because I am his publisher after all.

Before the night was through, this book which hadn’t sold many copies in the last several month had sold several copies of both the Kindle and paperback.

It isn’t the first time this has happened. It is a phenomenon not to be taken lightly. It is like dusting off a shelf, suddenly the things on it can be seen again.

So, remember your book. Go visit it on Amazon.com – and tweet and facebook from there. You’ll get noticed. I promise!

Write with reckless abandon

Today, we quoted Colorado’s most prolific author and my friend Othniel J. Seiden in our company’s newsletter. His advice to authors is to just “Puke it out!”  Or a less brutal way to say it is to “Write with Reckless Abandon.” When you’re in the mood to write – just write! Leave the second guessing out, leave the editing to others, just write!

Othniel Seiden

Colorado’s Most Prolific Author

Othniel Seiden has been writing for decades and he has been successful beyond most people’s dreams having books published by commercial publishers, translated into tons of new languages and selling hundreds of thousands of copies over time.  So, his advice is pretty valuable.

Otti also has a way of taking an epic novel and breaking it down into novellas or an encompassing non-fiction book and breaking it into separate microbooks.

These smaller versions or excerpts are more highly targeted and work to reach their market share quite effectively.

For instance, he wrote Coping with Arthritis and in that book, he had a chapter about Fibromyalgia. He decided he wanted to write a book called Coping with Fibromyalgia. Instead of starting a new book, he just chopped out the non-Fibromyalgia parts out of Coping with Arthritis and published what was left as its own book.

People who have Fibromyalgia using are searching for Fibromyalgia over Arthritis, so this book sells wonderfully well, even though the niche is much smaller.

My favorite set of questions, when an author comes to me with a book project is, “Is your book really a book?” “Is it only a book?” “Is it only one book?” The last time I asked that question, the book went from 1 physical book to 2 versions of the physical book and 13 e-books. Most times you have more potential than you thought you did. Let us help you figure that out!

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