Using StumbledUpon to promote your webpages, blogs etc by EJ Thornton

party hatsI want to give you a few pointers on some websites that will help you promote whatever you’re promoting – from websites to books to products to your speaking skills.

There are a few really great gems out there… is a great one. Find the website you want to promote. If it is your website, your blog site, your book’s page – whatever. Grab the URL and put it in the copy buffer (CTL-C) then go to and if you don’t have an account – sign up quickly with Facebook – then add the page. Copy the URL into the page and describe your site. Find the right category, keywords and give it a reasonable description. The description isn’t about the website though – it is about why someone would want to visit the website. Start with “You’re gonna love… ”  or “This is really interesting…” Then post.

I do this to several websites – pretty frequently. I do this for the authors who have recent releases or just need a little push. Or if I just want to promote something, StumbledUpon is my go to website. It usually hits well and drives a few hundred people to the website in pretty short order.

Just remember, this is a ‘flash in the pan’ kind of marketing. It is powerful, but like Twitter – short-lived. So do it frequently. Do a variety of pages – even if they promote the same thing. It works well.

See you soon,

EJ Thornton!

Why does Partner Publishing work so well and why is Books To Believe In so special?

As the publisher at Books To Believe In, I get asked these questions all the time by the authors I meet and this is what I tell anyone who wants to publish a book.

Most authors are intimidated by the fact that the publishing industry has so many choices and that there is so much to learn. Couple that with the fact that the industry is changing almost daily as to where to best put your efforts for the biggest bang.

Please comment on posts, blogs - etc.

Please comment on posts, blogs – etc.

When you truly partner with Books To Believe In and the team led by EJ Thornton, you’ll be led through the publishing process. We save you the effort of learning publishing the way I, EJ Thornton, did  – through brute force and ignorance (emphasis on the ignorance). I didn’t know what I didn’t know. Therefore, I didn’t know what was possible.

But we do – and we can save you hours of anguish and frustration by leading to the easiest, quickest and best way to format your book, market your book and most importantly, GET YOUR BOOK READ!

Here’s the deal. Call us, we consult with you – we don’t just ask you to upload your book. We look at it and tell you where you are making mistakes or help you really ramp up your book’s strengths making it an easy sell.  Selling books and getting books to the marketplace have some counter-intuitive parts to it, but experience speaks the loudest and we’ll guide you past those land mines that make self-publishing books such a frustrating experience for most people.

You don’t know what you don’t know – and just a couple of hours in a consult with us – and you’ll feel so much more empowered either to partner with us, or to try it on your own.

Your book has merit – let’s get it out to the people who need it the most – your readers! They’re already reading something… we help them find you with our exclusive methods.

Call EJ Thornton at Books to Believe In – at 303.794.8888 or e-mail her at

To you, your book and your readers! Let’s get you all together – and soon!

Please comment on posts, blogs – etc.

Real Life Angel Stories – inspired by a fiction novel (by EJ Thornton)

For centuries, it has been said that “Life imitates Art far more than Art imitates Life” and the case of Angel On Board.

I, EJ Thornton, the author of Angel On Board experienced something unexpected when meeting my readers. Once I broached the topic of Angels and having angelic experiences, it made it safe for others to talk about their experiences without fear of judgement. I listened to story after story after story of these people who just wanted to tell about their incredible experience in the loving way they experienced it.

Because I was open to this, I literally heard hundreds and hundreds of stories about amazing coincidences, amazing times of being protected or guided. Each story was stunning and the teller and I connected at a very special heart-based level.

What I began to realize was that there were more people out there with angel stories than I ever expected. Angel On Board – the novel – helps you remember your own. There is something incredibly familiar in those pages – or so I’m told.

Because these stories were so spectacular, I decided to compile them in a spin-off non-fiction series called “Angel On Board – Real Life Stories.” This is a collection of 40 stories from 12 different authors – including myself where I tell my angel stories. AND I explain which of the angel stories in Angel On Board were based on real life – or – “Art imitating Life” so to speak.

Broken up into 6 sections, the book has stories about Incredible Coincidences, Angelic Protection, Physical Proof, Signs and other Miracles, Birds and Winged Creatures, and being able to find Peace at Last.

This is just book one of a series. I will collect 50 stories for all future books and publish them as the stories come in. If you have had an angelic experience, near-death-experience or a coincidence that is far too amazing to have been a coincidence, we want to hear your stories.  Please write to me and use the subject line: Angel Story. We will consider your contribution for the next installment of Angel On Board – Real Life Stories.  Please keep all submissions to a maximum of 2500.

Bless you all!

Coincidences or angels… you decide.

This afternoon as I was reworking one of my books called Angel On Board – Real Life Stories (Book 1), and adding several new stories to the Kindle version – getting it ready for print, I suddenly found a new review on Angel On Board – Real Life Stories.

We published AOB-RLS originally in November of last year and since then it has only had one review come up. Today, WHILE WE ARE WORKING ON THAT VERY BOOK, we get a review… asking for more stories. I swear this is not a stunt, it is very real. It fits amazingly well into the last blog post I did – “Where attention goes…”

I just like to share strange stuff with you guys. We are in the process of putting the new version of the book up. I’ll post links when it is ready!

Have a great day!