Using StumbledUpon to promote your webpages, blogs etc by EJ Thornton

party hatsI want to give you a few pointers on some websites that will help you promote whatever you’re promoting – from websites to books to products to your speaking skills.

There are a few really great gems out there… is a great one. Find the website you want to promote. If it is your website, your blog site, your book’s page – whatever. Grab the URL and put it in the copy buffer (CTL-C) then go to and if you don’t have an account – sign up quickly with Facebook – then add the page. Copy the URL into the page and describe your site. Find the right category, keywords and give it a reasonable description. The description isn’t about the website though – it is about why someone would want to visit the website. Start with “You’re gonna love… ”  or “This is really interesting…” Then post.

I do this to several websites – pretty frequently. I do this for the authors who have recent releases or just need a little push. Or if I just want to promote something, StumbledUpon is my go to website. It usually hits well and drives a few hundred people to the website in pretty short order.

Just remember, this is a ‘flash in the pan’ kind of marketing. It is powerful, but like Twitter – short-lived. So do it frequently. Do a variety of pages – even if they promote the same thing. It works well.

See you soon,

EJ Thornton!


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