Books to Believe In works exclusively with Kindle in the e-book platform – and this is one of the newest reasons why!

We don’t use Nook or e-reader or iBook, we work exclusively with Kindle store and the reason is that gives us so many incentives to do so that far outshadow any potential sales these other platforms have to offer.

Happy Penguin Awareness Day

Happy Penguin Awareness Day

Today, it has taken its toll on the founding member of the e-book community! Sony e-Reader store will close its doors. Read more at:

When you want a distinctive book that is found on searches and looks great when stacked up against its competition, then you need to talk to the folks at Books To Believe In.

Books to Believe In – rule for world events…

If the world is distracted, people don’t buy books!

And that’s understandable. When sales people evaluated trends and such and look at time of year, time of day, etc, that’s all well and good, but the factor of unexpected news or distracting world events, like the Olympics have to be added in to the mix.

The beginning of February was a very slow start for book sales, but just yesterday (one day after the Olympics ended), sales spiked again.

Just something to consider when you are planning your author-business.

Thought for the day…

Have a great one!

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