Books To Believe In – if you want your book ready by the Holidays – get it into us NOW!

There are 4 really busy seasons in the publishing business.

The first is the beginning of the year when everyone is brushing off those New-Year’s resolutions and getting their book ready to publish. The second is right after tax season has hit and that stress is over. Maybe they got a refund, and now they can invest in their book. Not sure quite why, but it does happen every year. The phone starts ringing the day after taxes were due. The third rush period is right at the beginning of summer and the fourth and final one of the year is right about now – staring right into the holiday season!

It is the perfect time to finally organize yourself, get your ducks in a row and call the publisher.

We are available for consulting right now. It is a good idea to get someone else to go through your book or at least your plan with you to make sure you take advantage of everything that is available to you.

So many authors these days try to do this on their own because they can, but they miss out on so many tools that can make their lives easier.

Authors, the holidays are coming, and we’re right here – ready to help.

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