Don’t know if Books To Believe In can help you achieve your dreams of publishing your book?

Well, you need get informed about what we and other publishers do so that you can decide for yourself what the best path is for you and your book.

Books To Believe In was founded by an author – for authors. EJ Thornton wrote Angel On Board and found herself not knowing what her next step was. She received mentoring from a known publisher in the Boise area, who taught her what she needed to know and then, unfortunately he died. EJ Thornton took the reigns not only of her book, but of an up and coming publishing company.

She didn’t like the way things were for authors and decided to blaze a new trail. Partner publishing was born. Books To Believe In is unique in the industry in the way we approach book projects and the way we approach authors – mainly because we were and still are very active authors and know exactly how it feels to be in your shoes.

We have created proprietary author tools for twitter and

Find out more about us at Books To Believe In – and you’ll know if it is a good fit or not.

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