OpenSCAD books are the rage for 3D-printing and 3D-design

Front cover onlyTwo new books from technical author John Clark Craig are making waves in the #MakerSpace arena. The OpenSCAD Cookbook and Python for OpenSCAD were both just recently released.

These books aim to reduce the learning curve for anyone trying to learn how to create 3D-models. OpenSCAD itself is an open-source freeware language that anyone can use to directly create files that any 3D-printer can use.

Python for OpenSCAD Front Cover.jpg Using very basic commands, anyone can create STL files that make very practical items and send them to area libraries to be printed on public 3D-printers (check your local library’s terms).

This powerful combination opens up the 3D-printing world to every single person who wants engage with it.

Both of these OpenSCAD books are available now on – and in the Kindle form as well. The author will send you the code from the book if you merely ask. Those directions are on the last page of each book.

Happy Making!

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