What about other types of products… do they sell just like books?

We have a Kickstarter project underway for a product my author/inventor husband invented. It is called LucidBrake and it is wonderful. Please check it out.

The things I know about marketing books definitely apply to the things I am doing to help him market this new invention. Books and revolutionary inventions like these Bike Brake Lights share several common elements…  They’re new… No one has ever heard of them before. So how do you get people to recognize their worth?

First, there is social media – and that is a terrific way to get the word out to many people.

Second, the website we post on helps with some of the marketing. Amazon.com gives their sellers tools to promote their projects and do several things for them. Kickstarter does the same thing. So the partner you choose is very important.

Third, being relentless – never giving up, even if coming out of the gates was a real treat and it was amazing, but things slowed down right after that.  Doesn’t matter. Where the adrenaline wears off after the initial release, with all that led up to it, now courage, strength and perseverance are the tools that you need to help you win the marketing game.

It’s all fun, whether it is a book or a product – it’s all good. It’s just all good!

LucidBrake – it’s not just a beacon, it’s a brake light… Mount it instantly – anywhere!