What you think of me is none of my business – so too, book reviews.

Publishing AdviceGreat Lesson! Stop worrying about what others may think… because, ‘They know not what they do!’

Love this fresh perspective.

This very much applies to book reviews – good or bad, you need to keep on an even keel. Good reviews shouldn’t build up your ego, nor bad ones tear you down. Book reviews, good or bad help sell books. Look at the best sellers, most of them have dozens of bad reviews. Those don’t even show up on most best-selling author’s radar. Dan Brown has 1130 ‘negative reviews’. He has 2252 favorable reviews. So 1 in 3 people wrote a bad review. Does he care? No, he’s laughing all the way to the bank! Every review, good or bad is helping him sell more books!

Everyone that gives your book attention is doing your book a good service. So be grateful for the attention, positive or negative.


That being said, getting reviewed is still something you need to work on:  http://www.theindieview.com/indie-reviewers/ – This is a list of 241 Indie reviewers. Get reviews – good or bad, just get them.


Getting funding for a book project with a crowd-funding site. Many people are doing this, some with great success and some not. We are doing it with a product and a cause project for a book.

The book itself is not going to be what makes or breaks the project, what will is the social media sending traffic to it. That being said, get this project on every possible website, social media platform and e-mail list that you can. Traffic – exposure – getting seen – is what will truly make this project work.  I post all my blogs to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google +, LinkedIn, PingOMatic, StumbledUpon and a couple of other proprietary sites. Every blog, every day… get traffic, get seen!


New books are on Books To Believe In’s website. Some just released this week.

If you like Epic Fiction, then choose: Triumph of the Spirit

If you like Short Stories then choose: Secrets of the Hog Farm – sisters saving sisters

If you like Military Bios or Women’s History, you’ll love: WAF – Bonnie



Jan 24 – Free Classified Ads

Eskimo Pie Patent Day –  John Belushi‘s birthday, 1949. #CallOutSomeoneBeautiful is trending on Twitter.

Check out the comments on the previous posts… You authors are doing great – #CallOutSomeoneBeautiful – to my authors and followers! Here’s to you!    (I just tweeted that. I hope people read your comments. I sure do and they are appreciated. I’m glad you all are doing so well.


Othniel Seiden

Colorado’s Most Prolific Author

I strive to talk to at least 5 of my authors every day. Today I met with an interesting mix of them. The book development process is really fun. It is such a privilege to be a part of someone else’s dream. We had a second galley proof placed in the hands of one author, who clutched it to her heart when she saw it. We were working last minute cover tweaks on a rush job for Saturday. I corresponded with one author whose first book is starting to take off while its sequel is at the editor! An author ordered some new copies of their book and my favorite, Colorado’s most prolific author sent me the cover for his 31st book published with us… Such diverse personalities, messages, dreams and goals – and most of all such diverse customer bases.


How do you reach such a diverse customer base. I tell people that I’ll teach them to market their book(s), while I market our entire inventory of books – which also includes their book(s). Books to Believe In boasts nearly 1000 new readers a day. This reach wasn’t possible before the Internet, at least not for a mid-range press like Books To Believe In.  The Internet has leveled the playing field and Amazon.com has done that even more effectively.

One important strategy is to get other websites to link to your website. A website isn’t exactly a “if you build it – they will come” proposition. You have to attract the traffic in – or funnel it in from other websites. The best way to do that is to develop a strategy of getting Backlinks into your websites. Sounds complicated? It can be if you want it to be – or you can use some tools made for this very exercise.  I’m referring to Free Classified Ads. There are dozens of places on the Internet where you can leave a classified ad and I’ll list a few for you. The ad performs two very important duties – one, it provides a place for people to click through to your website, two – it creates backlinks into your website that are seen by the search engines. Not all places allow the link to be live, but even if it isn’t, you ad is still there! Always at least try to put in a link though.

You can always place paid-for ads, but there is no need with all the free ad sites out there.

Just google “Free Classified Ads” and you’ll see more than you can handle.

Why would people allow you to place ads for free? Because they want your content. If you fill in their website with your information, they can have bigger and bigger and more robust websites. Monetizing a website happens many different ways, charging to place an ad isn’t necessarily the most profitable for these people. It doesn’t matter – one hand washes the other, so to speak, and they provide you a way to advertise your book and hopefully get a back link in the process.

If you find a good website, share it in the comments!

Thanks and have a great night!