Real Life Angel Stories – inspired by a fiction novel (by EJ Thornton)

For centuries, it has been said that “Life imitates Art far more than Art imitates Life” and the case of Angel On Board.

I, EJ Thornton, the author of Angel On Board experienced something unexpected when meeting my readers. Once I broached the topic of Angels and having angelic experiences, it made it safe for others to talk about their experiences without fear of judgement. I listened to story after story after story of these people who just wanted to tell about their incredible experience in the loving way they experienced it.

Because I was open to this, I literally heard hundreds and hundreds of stories about amazing coincidences, amazing times of being protected or guided. Each story was stunning and the teller and I connected at a very special heart-based level.

What I began to realize was that there were more people out there with angel stories than I ever expected. Angel On Board – the novel – helps you remember your own. There is something incredibly familiar in those pages – or so I’m told.

Because these stories were so spectacular, I decided to compile them in a spin-off non-fiction series called “Angel On Board – Real Life Stories.” This is a collection of 40 stories from 12 different authors – including myself where I tell my angel stories. AND I explain which of the angel stories in Angel On Board were based on real life – or – “Art imitating Life” so to speak.

Broken up into 6 sections, the book has stories about Incredible Coincidences, Angelic Protection, Physical Proof, Signs and other Miracles, Birds and Winged Creatures, and being able to find Peace at Last.

This is just book one of a series. I will collect 50 stories for all future books and publish them as the stories come in. If you have had an angelic experience, near-death-experience or a coincidence that is far too amazing to have been a coincidence, we want to hear your stories.  Please write to me and use the subject line: Angel Story. We will consider your contribution for the next installment of Angel On Board – Real Life Stories.  Please keep all submissions to a maximum of 2500.

Bless you all!

Jan 28 – Sub-divide your market

#GetHappy is trending… once again it is a sponsored link, Geico to be precise, but it was the best trending term on Twitter right now. As authors, I bet we can find something that makes us happy. I know what makes me happy… Good reviews!

Mandala EJ ch 4 inside

What images can you see in this mandala?

We just received notice of another great review. This one was for one of our books, not even an hour old yet! Congratulations to my friend and co-author Sue Scudder for this new review on “The Voice Across the Veil.”

Happy “Rattlesnake Roundup Day.” Personally, I’d rather get happy!


So, how do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time…  

How do you reach your audience? One niche at a time…

When I ask new authors who wants their book, and they tell me “Everybody,” I really begin to sweat!  Even if the book has mass market appeal, I doubt everybody can use it. Very few books will ever actually be able to do that. Even the biggest blockbusters of our time serviced specific niches. Harry Potter – Teen fiction / Sci-Fi / Fantasy. The religious right hated Harry Potter. 50 Shades of Gray… called “Mommy Porn” – not for everybody! So if you still think everybody should want your book, think again. But, honestly, that is good news!

It is easier to reach specific niches than to reach a broad audience! Even if you service several niches, you probably reach each niche for a different reason. Really start to think about it.

Then – be prepared to make course corrections when your audience starts to define itself. For instance, I thought Angel On Board was going to appeal to alcoholics because I wrote it ‘to’ an alcoholic, but it found it’s home in the Inspiration and Bereavement niches. Trust me, I market to the Inspirational audience a whole lot differently than I do to the bereavement community. I also have a paranormal fiction niche that loves it and a Christian niche where it has done well. I don’t use the same tactic in each.

Go back to your keywords. Do they help you see your niches? Can you add some of the niches your book appeals to to your keywords? If so, add them to that valuable list!

I ask myself what aspect of the book appeals to the specific niche and start to figure out why, then I try to phrase an engaging question for each. I work to get a ‘yes’ answer.

It is said that if you can get someone to answer “Yes” three times, you have connected enough to make a sale. Think about that the next time you get a sales call. They’re trying to get you to say “Yes” to anything and keep you saying “Yes” until they actually ask you what they called to ask you.

So today’s exercise is to list at least 3 separate communities or niches that your book services – the more diverse the better. Be open to your audience surprising you. After you’ve listed those 3 new communities, go try and create a tweet  that is a question for each of them.

Here are a couple for Angel On Board – Real Life Stories.

1. Do you believe angels play with babies when no one is looking? Angel On Board – Real Life Stories #Paranormal #Non-Fiction

2. Have you ever experienced something so amazing, you knew someone you know was watching out for you? Angel On Board – Real Life Stories #Bereavement

3. The word angel really means messenger -have you ever received a message from an angel? Angel On Board-Real Life Stories #Inspirational

Jan 8 – Find a great quote from your book – find an eye catching slide that goes with it – create a pinterest pin about it

So the quote I’m going to use from Angel On Board – Real Life Stories is one of the display quotes from the top of one of the chapters. “Coincidences are God’s way of remaining anonymous.”

I went to a website where there are royalty-free photographs ( that are free to use (always read the license agreement). I found and downloaded a picture of Bulldog Puppies because “Bulldogs and Babies” is the story that leads off the “Coincidences” section of the book.

Next, I went to Pinterest, selected “Upload a pin” and I found the picture I had just downloaded to my PC. I entered the quote, and saved the pin. At this point, however, the pin did not have a website link attached, so I went to my book’s webpage, grabbed the URL and copied it in the “LINK” entry. Then I re-saved the pin. It’s really good when your picture is eye-catching or has the ‘awwwwww, how sweet’ factor.

Bulldogs and Babies - from Angel On Board - Real Life Stories

Bulldogs and Babies

Because bulldogs and angels aren’t necessarily thought of in the same context, I added a comment below the pin to describe why I posted that picture on my book’s board! Go see my pin here: Pin: .

If you like the picture, then “LIKE” the pin. Also, if you wouldn’t mind, please re-pin the pin to a board you have started somewhere – perhaps one called “Great books by authors I know!”

Until tomorrow!

Jan 6 – Write a FORUM post on your book’s Amazon page

Go to your book’s page, or click here and scroll most of the way to the bottom until you see an orange section title called "Forums".

This section allows you to start discussions about your book. But the real benefit of doing this is that you can get more content on your page and if you deliberately spike that content with your keywords/key phrases then it will help you rise to the top of the search results. Again, most people want to be #1 on google, but I want to be #1 on! Why? Because it is a buying site and if I can get my customers to go straight there, the chances they will buy are greater than if I bring them to an outside website where they have to click through to get to a purchase page.

Now, be strategic… The title of the blog needs to contain your keyword. The reason is that is appears on your book's page, so it will now be included in the algorithm to determine search word relevance. Choose it carefully and enter it accurately, because once it is chosen, it does not change.

Jan 4 – Post your bio and head-shot on Pinterest

Today, we’re going to introduce you to Pinterest and more importantly, introduce your followers to you as an author.

You should have taken a picture of yourself for your biography, for publication either inside your book or on the back cover. It is time to find that picture and put it out on Pinterest. I know I have a picture on – so I “Add a Pin”, enter the website and a choice of pictures comes up. If you don’t have a website with your picture on it already, then choose “Upload a Pin” and find a copy of your head-shot on your computer (truly any picture of you will do) and press upload.

Go to and find (or create) the board dedicated to your book. Post your head-shot there and write a brief bio.

Here is mine and you can use it as an example if you’d like Pinterest

You’ll notice that these exercises don’t take very long, but if you do something for your book every day, then you will sell more books. There is nothing more stifling than the feeling of not selling books, and feeling helpless about it. We will give you plenty of tools to use to keep interest in your book fresh and lively, for both you and your readers.

If you feel so led, go back to the prior posts and do that work again. The more you’ll do, the more natural it will feel to you and the more you will continue do it. At least that is how it happens for me.

To your success!

Jan 2 – Create a Tweet for your book featuring your book’s most powerful keyword.

You should have about 4-5 keyword/keyphrases for your book. Ask yourself, “If my readers don’t know me yet, what search term would they use to find me?”

Angel On Board – Real Life Stories’ are “Paranormal” “Angel” “Angelic” “True Stories”  and “Inspirational.”  You should keep these listed on the same cheat sheet that you have your sign-on and passwords on. That will make them more accessible for you when we ask you to use them in future blogs, tweets, posts or pins.

My tweet for the day is: If you love great #PARANORMAL #TRUE stories, then Angel On Board-Real Life Stories is your ticket to entertainment.

As you may know, Twitter only allows 140 characters for a tweet and this tweet has 179. But what you need to understand is that all links get shortened to 20 characters. So, this Tweet actually has 3 extra spaces.

The other thing you need to understand is the concept of a #POWER #WORD. These are words that carry a great deal of importance to Twitter and the search engines. You can actually search on tweets down subject lines, and those tweets with power words should appear in those searches.

Feel free to find this tweet on and retweet it, just to get more familiar with Twitter.

Go find and look for this tweet. Click through on it, and you’ll see what I’ve done to connect the book and her readers with this tweet.

Jan 1 – book marketing assignment

Let’s get the new year started out right.

I gave you a heads up a few days ago about the first assignment, I hope you’ve thought about it and better yet, written about 3-5 paragraphs about why your book helps/entertains it readers. The tip here is to keep your marketing focused on and written in the 2nd person – YOU. You is the most powerful word in advertising. Stop talking about “What I just did” and focus outward to your readership. The connection you make will be remembered… therefore your book will be remembered.

Here is a link to my Angel On Board blog: It is titled How Angel On Board – Real Life Stories can help…

Be sure with every blog post that you include a link back to your page.  – The B00AB7XXU6 is the ASIN or ISBN-10. All you have to do to get your’s book’s link is to swap out the B00AB7XXU6 in this link to your 10-digit code. If you leave the affiliate link, that will just help us to monetize this blo-which everyone likes to do. It is not required though.   This is an example link to the paperback version of Angel On Board – notice only the 10-digit difference.

Assignment #2 – while you are on your page – please ‘LIKE’ it. There is a button near the top and every author should “LIKE” their own book. If you have family and friends, please encourage them to do the same. Please feel free to “LIKE” Angel On Board – Real Life Stories if you need the practice pushing buttons… LOL!

Until tomorrow!