Tell your future customers something they’ll want to tell others…

One surefire way to get more traffic is to get word of mouth buzz about your product. However, the science of getting someone to talk about your product is pretty complicated! That is why marketers and advertising agencies get so much money and why selling feels so hard and so scary to many people.

LucidBrake running under water

LucidBrake running under water

Here, I’ve put a picture of an electronics device working under water – yes, it is a LucidBrake – yes, I have a vested interest in its success. Putting that aside, I want to demonstrate how you get people to talk about something.

You interrupt them. You interrupt the flow of what is normal. You get their attention by creating a spectacle or a picture that they can’t ignore. Someone claiming a bike brake light is waterproof (ho – hum), someone claiming it would also work as a “boat brake light” and demonstrates it running under water – that will get attention. It will get the kind of attention that people want to share – because it is unusual and fun.

If someone is going to share a book/product with someone else, the act of sharing has to make the sharer ‘look good.’

So how does that apply to books? Let’s look at the recent viral books? What about 50 Shades of Gray? Sex right? Easy score! Go look at the top 100 books in and see if you can figure out why they’re there. Which ones have some tidbit of information or discuss a topic that people want/need to talk about? Plenty.

So now, the $1,000,000 question… what is in your book that others will find a talking point? You should be the first one to talk about it. Is it some particular scene? Is it information about a sensitive issue? What will get tongues to wag?

There’s a really cool place to find out… If you have a Kindle book that has been out for any amount of time, there will be a ‘shared notes and highlights’ section. For example, click here and scroll about 2/3 down the page. This is where Amazon tracks what people are highlighting in your Kindle book. When there are several for a specific section, then that passage of the book lands on this section of the Amazon sales page. It’s pretty cool.

If you see this starting to happen, follow through with it. Repost it on Facebook, Tweet, Pin with a picture, make a poster with the really good quote. It’s as good, if not better than a review. Better because you own the copyright of the material and can use it to your heart’s content.

Your book will become viral on the Internet when every one person will tell at least two others something about it. Where is your gold? There’s plenty of it inside the pages of your book!

What you think of me is none of my business – so too, book reviews.

Publishing AdviceGreat Lesson! Stop worrying about what others may think… because, ‘They know not what they do!’

Love this fresh perspective.

This very much applies to book reviews – good or bad, you need to keep on an even keel. Good reviews shouldn’t build up your ego, nor bad ones tear you down. Book reviews, good or bad help sell books. Look at the best sellers, most of them have dozens of bad reviews. Those don’t even show up on most best-selling author’s radar. Dan Brown has 1130 ‘negative reviews’. He has 2252 favorable reviews. So 1 in 3 people wrote a bad review. Does he care? No, he’s laughing all the way to the bank! Every review, good or bad is helping him sell more books!

Everyone that gives your book attention is doing your book a good service. So be grateful for the attention, positive or negative.


That being said, getting reviewed is still something you need to work on: – This is a list of 241 Indie reviewers. Get reviews – good or bad, just get them.


Getting funding for a book project with a crowd-funding site. Many people are doing this, some with great success and some not. We are doing it with a product and a cause project for a book.

The book itself is not going to be what makes or breaks the project, what will is the social media sending traffic to it. That being said, get this project on every possible website, social media platform and e-mail list that you can. Traffic – exposure – getting seen – is what will truly make this project work.  I post all my blogs to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google +, LinkedIn, PingOMatic, StumbledUpon and a couple of other proprietary sites. Every blog, every day… get traffic, get seen!


New books are on Books To Believe In’s website. Some just released this week.

If you like Epic Fiction, then choose: Triumph of the Spirit

If you like Short Stories then choose: Secrets of the Hog Farm – sisters saving sisters

If you like Military Bios or Women’s History, you’ll love: WAF – Bonnie



Jan 30 – Choose your Power word!

#ItsCrazyHow – It is Escape Day and tomorrow’s Popcorn Day…


#ItsCrazyHow – is trending on Twitter, but let’s switch that up and do a Facebook post starting with #ItsCrazyHow.  Then Tweet your FB post.

You can and should use the Power words across the social media platforms. In fact, you need to choose one for your book and also use it everywhere you can. It should be part of your branding efforts.

What is your #POWER #WORD?

#AngelBook works for Angel On Board.

Write down on one of your lists so that you can be consistent with your social media message.

(PS – Sorry this is late – I thought I posted it last night… only to find it right here – in my drafts this afternoon. Apologies!)

Jan 29 – Randomness and Social Media

#MyLifeIn5Words – And since I see nothing too exciting to write about “Corn Chip Day” and it is so late, I’ll lead with tomorrow’s obscure label and wish you all an early Happy “Escape Day”


That should be some good ammunition for tweets – write your life in 5 words.

I am that I am… Well I know that is not original and many other great people have said it before me, but I can’t sum up all the labels in my life in 5 words or less, so I’ll just be me instead…

Today’s exercise is one in randomness and you get to choose your social media of choice – be it Twitter, Facebook or Pinterest.

My favorite book in the world is called “Illusions” by Richard Bach. In it he describes a magical book called “The Messiah’s Handbook.” That book has no page numbers because it has the amazing quality that where ever you open it to is just the right message you need to receive.

So, I’m going to assume that about your book. It is magical also. I want you to pick it up, and with your eyes closed open to a random page. Depending on the page, create a Tweet, Facebook post, or Pinterest pin for what is on the page. Trust this experience and find the gold that’s right there on that page.

Share what you did in the comments! This should be fun!

Enjoy… and go Escape!

Jan 23 – You’ve got to keep at it!

#LetsGetToWork is trending right now. Albeit, it is a sponsored Twitter trend for University of Phoenix, I’d like to adopt it for the theme of the day too.  It is also National Pie Day (although that should really be National Pi day and should be celebrated on 3/14). Shhhhh, I know my ‘nerd’ is showing.


Today I had two very different experiences with two very different authors, but with two reasonably similar books. The first is someone who has 5 new reviews in the last 2 days and is receiving sales ranks notifications about new sales consistently now. She’s going to adjust her Kindle to offer to give away a free book for any new review and she is totally thrilled to work the system.  The second was from an author who wanted to know how her sales were going – which is a legitimate question. She’d seen the e-mail about this blog, but hasn’t followed it – she doesn’t have time… Now she was impatient and disappointed that her book hadn’t performed well in the last 3 months since release.

Tale of two authors? Both are published through this publishing house. Both have access to all the same tools. One works them, one doesn’t and they are both having completely different experiences regarding the ‘joy’ factor of being a published author.

You’ve got to work it – daily! You’ve got to be Tweeting, Pinning or Posting daily. You don’t have to be posting ‘Buy my book’ with every social media interaction, but you do need to be working to build up your perceived expertise in your field. You do need to be adding valuable content onto these platforms.

Both of these authors have beautiful pictures inside their books. They could be Pinning these wonderful pictures on Pinterest. Those pictures alone would get re-pinned in a heart beat, the photos are so good. And the book would grow its audience. These two authors actually have an asset that most authors don’t have – a great art portfolio inside their books. With good one-liner quotes or ‘reminders’ alongside these pictures, these pins would go viral and drag their respective books right alongside them.

Today’s exercise is to go find some art from INSIDE your book – and a good ‘one-liner’ from inside your book. If you’re stumped for finding good one-liners, most people end chapters with zingers… See if there is a good point made at the end of your “chapter 5.” If you can’t find artwork, remember – and get a good free – really compelling – picture and post your quote with it.  Remember to ‘edit’ your pin to link back to your book’s page.

You need a steady solid presence in all the social medias. If you’re just joining this blog, go back through the daily entries until you’re caught up with us and enjoy the sales. Remember to comment on the blog with your pins and posts and I’ll share them with the group!  #LETSgetTOwork!

Jan 16 – Write 10 Interview questions

National Spicy Food Day (good for the cookbooks and nutrition books) – only obituaries and the like trending on Twitter (but if your book is about grief, that’s a possibility for you to connect)


Everyone knows that a Press Kit is probably something an author should create – especially if they want mainstream media exposure. Most press kits contain 3 things – a Press Release, a Biography (headshot included) and Interview questions.

Mainstream media exposure is great for any book and author, and I’ve seen it launch a book and I’ve also seen it do virtually nothing for a book. It depends on so many factors. But let’s assume it is a good thing and we’ll want to go after it. So, creating a press kit is on the to-do list.

Writing and posting press releases will be in a future post. Today, I want to talk about interview questions. These are your book’s talking points, and we need about 10 of them for any good press kit. So let’s start brainstorming… There are the typical questions, “What inspired you to write your book?” “How long did it take you to write your book?” “Who is your book going to benefit?” and so on. These provide a good starting point.


I kept the fact that I was
writing a book a secret

Let’s dig deeper. For Angel On Board, I wrote it in secret. Not many people know that, so how would I craft a good question where I can explain that?

“Hey EJ – did you write your book in secret?” is a little too blunt. “Who helped you write your book?” “When did you write your book?” “Where did you write your book?” Those questions will pull out that answer.

So, figure out 10 points you’d like to make about your book to someone who is willing to listen to you talk about it. List them on paper. Then craft the question that will pull that answer out. Now you have your interview questions.

But guess what you also have? You have 10 good Pin’s on Pinterest. You have 10 good blog posts. You have 10 good Facebook posts. And you’re 33% done with your press kit.

Yes, use the same information over and over again, just dress it up differently. It will help you keep your message consistent, entertaining and memorable.

Jan 8 – Find a great quote from your book – find an eye catching slide that goes with it – create a pinterest pin about it

So the quote I’m going to use from Angel On Board – Real Life Stories is one of the display quotes from the top of one of the chapters. “Coincidences are God’s way of remaining anonymous.”

I went to a website where there are royalty-free photographs ( that are free to use (always read the license agreement). I found and downloaded a picture of Bulldog Puppies because “Bulldogs and Babies” is the story that leads off the “Coincidences” section of the book.

Next, I went to Pinterest, selected “Upload a pin” and I found the picture I had just downloaded to my PC. I entered the quote, and saved the pin. At this point, however, the pin did not have a website link attached, so I went to my book’s webpage, grabbed the URL and copied it in the “LINK” entry. Then I re-saved the pin. It’s really good when your picture is eye-catching or has the ‘awwwwww, how sweet’ factor.

Bulldogs and Babies - from Angel On Board - Real Life Stories

Bulldogs and Babies

Because bulldogs and angels aren’t necessarily thought of in the same context, I added a comment below the pin to describe why I posted that picture on my book’s board! Go see my pin here: Pin: .

If you like the picture, then “LIKE” the pin. Also, if you wouldn’t mind, please re-pin the pin to a board you have started somewhere – perhaps one called “Great books by authors I know!”

Until tomorrow!