New ways to market old books

Even if your book has been on the market for a while, there are all sorts of new tips and tricks for you to give it a new push and have it develop a whole new readership!

Book marketing is a marathon, not a sprint – but most authors give it a really good go right out of the gates and put so much time, money, energy and effort into launch, that they’re too overwhelmed to think of doing that again and again to keep momentum going. But that’s exactly what you have to do – keep that momentum going, or else, you’re just going to be a ‘flash in the pan’.

What you need is a plan, a calculated plan. You need to know what your whole next year looks like and plan book marketing events around special events in the calendar. Aim for at least one a month. The anniversary date of your book’s release is one. Your birthday is another. The start of an ‘awareness’ month for some cause is another. Holidays that relate to your readerships are great (Father’s Day for example). Important dates in history – anniversaries of important events. Or those random holiday calendars – like ‘blue cheese day’. Find a reason that relate to your book, you or especially your readership can relate to and amplify using your book.

With a plan in place, you’re going to feel less overwhelmed, and likely much more forward-looking and never find yourself in a place where you say, “Now what?”


EJ Thornton, owner of Books To Believe In has been publishing books since 1998 when she first published her own novel Angel On Board. Since then, she has published hundreds of books for other authors and sold hundreds of thousands of copies of those books with those authors.

Every book published by Books To Believe In has reached Amazon best-seller status by following the advice in the book: “Launch Your Book Big“.

She teaches them marketing and shows them their book’s full potential.


Find out more about Books To Believe In here: – feel free to ask us questions about your book project!

What you think of me is none of my business – so too, book reviews.

Publishing AdviceGreat Lesson! Stop worrying about what others may think… because, ‘They know not what they do!’

Love this fresh perspective.

This very much applies to book reviews – good or bad, you need to keep on an even keel. Good reviews shouldn’t build up your ego, nor bad ones tear you down. Book reviews, good or bad help sell books. Look at the best sellers, most of them have dozens of bad reviews. Those don’t even show up on most best-selling author’s radar. Dan Brown has 1130 ‘negative reviews’. He has 2252 favorable reviews. So 1 in 3 people wrote a bad review. Does he care? No, he’s laughing all the way to the bank! Every review, good or bad is helping him sell more books!

Everyone that gives your book attention is doing your book a good service. So be grateful for the attention, positive or negative.


That being said, getting reviewed is still something you need to work on: – This is a list of 241 Indie reviewers. Get reviews – good or bad, just get them.


Getting funding for a book project with a crowd-funding site. Many people are doing this, some with great success and some not. We are doing it with a product and a cause project for a book.

The book itself is not going to be what makes or breaks the project, what will is the social media sending traffic to it. That being said, get this project on every possible website, social media platform and e-mail list that you can. Traffic – exposure – getting seen – is what will truly make this project work.  I post all my blogs to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google +, LinkedIn, PingOMatic, StumbledUpon and a couple of other proprietary sites. Every blog, every day… get traffic, get seen!


New books are on Books To Believe In’s website. Some just released this week.

If you like Epic Fiction, then choose: Triumph of the Spirit

If you like Short Stories then choose: Secrets of the Hog Farm – sisters saving sisters

If you like Military Bios or Women’s History, you’ll love: WAF – Bonnie



Feb 3 – Online is where it is at!

50 Seasons of Quarterbacks by Don Nichols

50 Seasons of Quarterbacks by Don Nichols

#NothingFeelsBetterThan is trending right now. It is Super Bowl Sunday and Cordova Ice Worm Day…


This year Barnes & Noble is closing about 1/3 of its stores. That’s somewhere between 190-240 stores. It was hard enough getting on those bookshelves when they were in their heyday, but now, they have pulled back, now they aren’t willing to take any risks of any kind on unknown authors. So, stop trying to chase after book store shelf space. That model of doing business is dying if not dead. The same is true with traditional publishers. If you’re still waiting for someone to discover you or appreciate you, guess what – they can’t right now. Their industry is crumbling around them.

What hasn’t stopped happening is how much people are writing. In fact, I think that has increased. And in fact, the methods to get the books out there has become more and more diversified. So, it is a great time to be an author – as long as you’re keeping up with the times.


Yesterday, I told you about a book launch for Peacemaker 2564AD. It was a successful event. Lots of people came, lots of books sold. But his reach was just his friends and family in the local area. He has a ton more people in his direct circle of influence who would love to go to a launch party for him. So, how do you do a launch party with a much greater reach? Go online!

Don’t just limit this to a launch event. If you have a new class – new lesson  – new anything, think about doing a virtual event!

  • First, become a reseller on for your book. List at least 50 copies (or as many as you have in inventory).  Truly, I hope you’ve already done this.
  • Second, find the link to your book in your Amazon store (not Amazon’s main store.) Angel On Board in my store  vs. Angel On Board in Amazon’s store – note the differences (quantities – ship from location etc).
  • Third, set a time and place for a phone call  1-2 hours long.
  • Fourth, find a free teleconference service like ( . There are several. Test it a couple of times with a small group of friends to get a feel for it.
  • Fifth, send out an e-vite for your time, place, with the phone number / pin # and the link to your book in your store.
  • Sixth, execute the call. Greet everyone. Do a reading. Take questions. Enjoy the visit. And every 15 minutes or so, repeat the web address for your store on

What a virtual event does is give your extended friends and family a chance to celebrate your accomplishment with you and they’ll buy your book from you to be sure to get an autographed copy. This sale goes through the merchant account, so you don’t have to do any credit card processing. Best of all, registers a multitude of sales of your book and you get to see your sales rank improve dramatically – very likely to a best-seller status at least in one category. All this gets done in 1-2 hours!

Try it you’ll like it!

If you want help coordinating a virtual event, it is a service we provide. Call us at 303.794.8888 or e-mail!

Go team go!


Jan 30 – Choose your Power word!

#ItsCrazyHow – It is Escape Day and tomorrow’s Popcorn Day…


#ItsCrazyHow – is trending on Twitter, but let’s switch that up and do a Facebook post starting with #ItsCrazyHow.  Then Tweet your FB post.

You can and should use the Power words across the social media platforms. In fact, you need to choose one for your book and also use it everywhere you can. It should be part of your branding efforts.

What is your #POWER #WORD?

#AngelBook works for Angel On Board.

Write down on one of your lists so that you can be consistent with your social media message.

(PS – Sorry this is late – I thought I posted it last night… only to find it right here – in my drafts this afternoon. Apologies!)

Jan 29 – Randomness and Social Media

#MyLifeIn5Words – And since I see nothing too exciting to write about “Corn Chip Day” and it is so late, I’ll lead with tomorrow’s obscure label and wish you all an early Happy “Escape Day”


That should be some good ammunition for tweets – write your life in 5 words.

I am that I am… Well I know that is not original and many other great people have said it before me, but I can’t sum up all the labels in my life in 5 words or less, so I’ll just be me instead…

Today’s exercise is one in randomness and you get to choose your social media of choice – be it Twitter, Facebook or Pinterest.

My favorite book in the world is called “Illusions” by Richard Bach. In it he describes a magical book called “The Messiah’s Handbook.” That book has no page numbers because it has the amazing quality that where ever you open it to is just the right message you need to receive.

So, I’m going to assume that about your book. It is magical also. I want you to pick it up, and with your eyes closed open to a random page. Depending on the page, create a Tweet, Facebook post, or Pinterest pin for what is on the page. Trust this experience and find the gold that’s right there on that page.

Share what you did in the comments! This should be fun!

Enjoy… and go Escape!

Jan 28 – Sub-divide your market

#GetHappy is trending… once again it is a sponsored link, Geico to be precise, but it was the best trending term on Twitter right now. As authors, I bet we can find something that makes us happy. I know what makes me happy… Good reviews!

Mandala EJ ch 4 inside

What images can you see in this mandala?

We just received notice of another great review. This one was for one of our books, not even an hour old yet! Congratulations to my friend and co-author Sue Scudder for this new review on “The Voice Across the Veil.”

Happy “Rattlesnake Roundup Day.” Personally, I’d rather get happy!


So, how do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time…  

How do you reach your audience? One niche at a time…

When I ask new authors who wants their book, and they tell me “Everybody,” I really begin to sweat!  Even if the book has mass market appeal, I doubt everybody can use it. Very few books will ever actually be able to do that. Even the biggest blockbusters of our time serviced specific niches. Harry Potter – Teen fiction / Sci-Fi / Fantasy. The religious right hated Harry Potter. 50 Shades of Gray… called “Mommy Porn” – not for everybody! So if you still think everybody should want your book, think again. But, honestly, that is good news!

It is easier to reach specific niches than to reach a broad audience! Even if you service several niches, you probably reach each niche for a different reason. Really start to think about it.

Then – be prepared to make course corrections when your audience starts to define itself. For instance, I thought Angel On Board was going to appeal to alcoholics because I wrote it ‘to’ an alcoholic, but it found it’s home in the Inspiration and Bereavement niches. Trust me, I market to the Inspirational audience a whole lot differently than I do to the bereavement community. I also have a paranormal fiction niche that loves it and a Christian niche where it has done well. I don’t use the same tactic in each.

Go back to your keywords. Do they help you see your niches? Can you add some of the niches your book appeals to to your keywords? If so, add them to that valuable list!

I ask myself what aspect of the book appeals to the specific niche and start to figure out why, then I try to phrase an engaging question for each. I work to get a ‘yes’ answer.

It is said that if you can get someone to answer “Yes” three times, you have connected enough to make a sale. Think about that the next time you get a sales call. They’re trying to get you to say “Yes” to anything and keep you saying “Yes” until they actually ask you what they called to ask you.

So today’s exercise is to list at least 3 separate communities or niches that your book services – the more diverse the better. Be open to your audience surprising you. After you’ve listed those 3 new communities, go try and create a tweet  that is a question for each of them.

Here are a couple for Angel On Board – Real Life Stories.

1. Do you believe angels play with babies when no one is looking? Angel On Board – Real Life Stories #Paranormal #Non-Fiction

2. Have you ever experienced something so amazing, you knew someone you know was watching out for you? Angel On Board – Real Life Stories #Bereavement

3. The word angel really means messenger -have you ever received a message from an angel? Angel On Board-Real Life Stories #Inspirational

Jan 27 – Twitter stuff today

#NeverHaveIEver is trending on Twitter… somehow that reminds me of Burger King coupons, but I digress…  And according to George Takei,   it is Holocaust Remembrance Day.

The Remnant by Othniel J. Seiden is a wonderful historically accurate fiction book about Babi Yar, Kiev and the Forest People who were part of the Jewish Resistance during WWII. It is a stunning novel, and it is gaining quite a following!


I created a new “Thousand Tweet” campaign for Udemy – because we publish a class through Udemy and like, they have an affiliate program. We are enrolled as affiliates.  In less than 3 hours, Udemy logged that we had over 421 people click-through into their site from our Twitter. TWITTER IS POWERFUL, PEOPLE! TWITTER IS POWERFUL!

So today, I want you to:

  • Follow your followers
  • Using 2 of your keywords as search terms, find 15 more people to follow
  • Tweet using 3 of the trending words
  • Go to your page and Tweet from there – and if you can also use the trending words do, if not use your keywords!

Taking some time in Twitter and building up your following is well worth your while.  If you want to find out about the Thousand Tweet campaign, click through to Thousand Tweets and fill out the form at the bottom.

Just Tweet – any chance you get – not just about your book. Keep your readers interested by telling them about your day, your thoughts or just share great quotes. Twitter is a significant tool in your book marketing arsenal.


Jan 19 – Tweet from your page 5 times

Happy National Popcorn Day – #DontBotherMeWhen  is trending and in 1951, the front-hook bra is invented – an event that should be celebrated by women everywhere!


It is Saturday, but there is no rest for the book marketer! In fact, I was up at 7:30 AM this morning working on a website for an upcoming book. At 10:30, I was brainstorming titles and subtitles for an upcoming book – because titles and subtitles are incredibly important to your book marketing campaigns. I also promised other new authors that they’d see their very first proofs early in the week! Publishing is so fun. I love being a catalyst in other people’s dreams. It is truly my calling!


Back to Saturday’s objective!

Go visit your book’s page and tweet from it.  Tweet from your page 5 times – adding a different #POWER #WORD (adjective/key phrase) each time.

Go pull out your list of key search terms/phrases and add a different one to each Tweet.

When you press the Twitter button on, they will pre-format a Tweet on your behalf. This is the one they built for Angel On Board – Real Life Stories.

Angel On Board – Real Life Stories (Guardian Angels Among Us) by Capri Brock via @amazon  

Even if I just add a Power word to this – it will be found by more people

Angel On Board – Real Life Stories (Guardian Angels Among Us) by Capri Brock via @amazon #PARANORMAL-Non-FICTION

Push the same button again and customize it a bit. JUST LEAVE THE LINK INTACT! Today would have been my brother’s birthday, but he died in 1987. Many amazing stories about his life as an angel are included in Angel On Board – Real Life Stories!

Happy birthday to the first real angel of Angel On Board – Real Life Stories  (my brother John) #BEREAVEMENT #HEALING

Push the same button again and customize it again. will reward your book because of the visit and because of the effort to market the book from inside! Win/Win!!!!

Angel On Board – Real Life Stories will make you laugh – and cry at the same time! #HUMOR

One more time…

TRUTH IS STRANGER THAN FICTION – proven by Angel On Board – Real Life Stories  #ANGELS #GHOSTS

Tweeting is really easy book marketing work, and it is proven to be very effective. But to be effective, it has to be frequent, original, contain both power words and links into a buying site. Repetition is allowed – as long as there is at least a little something different for each tweet – like the power word. Twitter will stop you from tweeting the same tweet twice in a row.

Extra credit – Tweet from your book’s site using the Trending words and/or today’s holidays!

#DontBotherMeWhen – I’m reading a great #book like  Angel On Board – Real Life Stories  #PARANORMAL #TRUE #STORIES

Jan 10 – Do it again!

Say that out loud, it rhymes!

Many of these exercises should be repeated, for instance January 5’s post about going to Twitter and tweeting something that is trending on Twitter. I think you should do that at least once a week. Maybe put it on your calendar as something easy to do for your book every Monday. It’ll just take a second, and you’re done!

So, let’s start out today by repeating this exercise. #ThingsIGetAlot – This is an interesting trending tag… So, let’s see. Angel On Board – Real Life Stories and “Things I Get Alot” – how to connect them in 120 characters or less (always save 20 characters for the link).

Angel On Board – Real Life Stories #ThingsIGetAlot – Everyone tells me their angel stories…. I just love that!

Now, to get followers.

Go to the search bar and search for the best term that describes your book and look at the posts that show up. In an effort to give your followers a little variety, “Retweet” about 5 tweets as long as they are still in your subject area. “Angels” can be a lot of things to a lot of people, so I only retweet “Angel Tweets” that really have to do with the kind of angels I’m talking about. You want to provide variety, but also consistency. It doesn’t matter if you know them, it only matters that they’re talking about the same topic you are – within reason.

Now, for the people who you retweeted, go follow them if you’re not already. Follow a few more that look interesting because those people will now be in your “Twitter” feed and your future followers will enjoy seeing their posts as well if they decide to find out more about you.

So, to summarize, tweet, retweet about 5, follow about 15.

And bookmark this post – you’ll want to do something akin to this every week or so.

See you tomorrow!

Jan 7 – Track your results

On a daily basis, you should track your’s sales rank and you should tweet about how it is doing from the page.

Again, likes activity to its pages and if you make it a daily exercise to go look at your book and log your sales rank, then tweet from it, will log that information – noting that there is marketing activity on your book. They are in business to sell books. They will help people who are helping them – it is good for business to create the win/win and they are good at that!

We offer a service that alerts you when your sales rank changes and we tweet about the activity. It also monitors when there is a new review and tweets about that too. On a daily basis, we tweet about the book just because the service has been purchased. I recommend you get this service – This will do some things for you that you should do anyway. This service alerts you and it is fun to receive these e-mails because you can actually see when your sales are being affected by your efforts.

However, you should start a log, in a spreadsheet or on paper, listing your sales rank every day for every product. If you see a bump in sales (a decrease in sales rank) then you have something you can build on. Even the littlest events deserve to be recognized in Twitter and Facebook.

Just keep a log and track your progress. Remember, we’ve committed to this blog for a year, (You’re in a Marathon, not a Sprint) so if you commit to doing this with us for a year, stick with this and visit your page daily, logging your sales rank. Read the responses to the forums, comment on the reviews, or just tweet from the page. It doesn’t matter what you do once you get to the page, just click on something. Interact with the page in an organic sense. You’ll enjoy it and reap the rewards.