Don’t know if Books To Believe In can help you achieve your dreams of publishing your book?

Well, you need get informed about what we and other publishers do so that you can decide for yourself what the best path is for you and your book.

Books To Believe In was founded by an author – for authors. EJ Thornton wrote Angel On Board and found herself not knowing what her next step was. She received mentoring from a known publisher in the Boise area, who taught her what she needed to know and then, unfortunately he died. EJ Thornton took the reigns not only of her book, but of an up and coming publishing company.

She didn’t like the way things were for authors and decided to blaze a new trail. Partner publishing was born. Books To Believe In is unique in the industry in the way we approach book projects and the way we approach authors – mainly because we were and still are very active authors and know exactly how it feels to be in your shoes.

We have created proprietary author tools for twitter and

Find out more about us at Books To Believe In – and you’ll know if it is a good fit or not.

Books To Believe In – publishing books that make the world a better place!

Books To Believe In – if you want your book ready by the Holidays – get it into us NOW!

There are 4 really busy seasons in the publishing business.

The first is the beginning of the year when everyone is brushing off those New-Year’s resolutions and getting their book ready to publish. The second is right after tax season has hit and that stress is over. Maybe they got a refund, and now they can invest in their book. Not sure quite why, but it does happen every year. The phone starts ringing the day after taxes were due. The third rush period is right at the beginning of summer and the fourth and final one of the year is right about now – staring right into the holiday season!

It is the perfect time to finally organize yourself, get your ducks in a row and call the publisher.

We are available for consulting right now. It is a good idea to get someone else to go through your book or at least your plan with you to make sure you take advantage of everything that is available to you.

So many authors these days try to do this on their own because they can, but they miss out on so many tools that can make their lives easier.

Authors, the holidays are coming, and we’re right here – ready to help.

Call us! 303.794.8888

Publish Products – not just books at Books To Believe In

Printed products go hand in hand with publishing books.

What book do you know that didn’t have a memorable quote or lesson in it? Why not put that on a coffee cup or t-shirt or a printable tile?

2014-07-20 (1) 2014-07-20

My favorite quote from Angel On Board is now a cup – and it can stand on its own as a product as well as help market the book.


The potential for this type of companion product for books is unprecedented and if you don’t know how to publish your own products, then find someone who can do it easily!


Books To Believe In  has this technology. Call us to see what we can do for you!

We are part of the I-Team at – call us 303.794.8888 and let us show you your potential!

Author signed books make great Mother’s Day gifts

If you want to know how to get author signed books to give as gifts, then go to and look for books that are being sold – not by Amazon – but by resellers. Many authors list their books privately so that they can do virtual book signings. Look at the listing for ‘new books’ and see if you can recognize the author’s name in the list. Click through and buy through’s reseller program. The author will be happy to sign and date the book.

Test that this year, use Angel On Board and choose to give it to your mother or grandmother for Mother’s Day. Guaranteed that they don’t already have it. They will treasure this collectable version of the book.

Try it and see.


Popularity begins at home… Books To Believe In opinion

party hatsAs an author, you are the first and most important person to taught the importance of your book to its readership. You need to visit the pages daily. You need to be the first one every day to tweet, post and pin about it everyday. Your readers of will follow suit, but you, as its creator, need to be the one leading the charge. Don’t be concerned that what you have to say is redundant, post something every day. Work to mix it up, but even if you repeat yourself, commit to a daily regimen of social media from your page!

Books to Believe In works exclusively with Kindle in the e-book platform – and this is one of the newest reasons why!

We don’t use Nook or e-reader or iBook, we work exclusively with Kindle store and the reason is that gives us so many incentives to do so that far outshadow any potential sales these other platforms have to offer.

Happy Penguin Awareness Day

Happy Penguin Awareness Day

Today, it has taken its toll on the founding member of the e-book community! Sony e-Reader store will close its doors. Read more at:

When you want a distinctive book that is found on searches and looks great when stacked up against its competition, then you need to talk to the folks at Books To Believe In.